Looking for Excavator jobs in Singapore

Excavator jobs in Singapore

Available excavator jobs in Singapore for experienced professionals looking for better opportunities! Read more and apply on VideoWorkers to easily connect to employers abroad! For this position, you need an excavator license as well as experience working with heavy industrial

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Applying for Hairdresser jobs in Dubai

Hairdresser jobs in Dubai

Salons in Dubai are popular all year round, so hairdressers are always in demand! If you can offer a great customer experience on top of excellent skills as a hairdresser, sign up for hairdresser jobs in Dubai! For this position,

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Finding Cashier jobs in UAE

Cashier jobs in UAE

Cashier jobs in the UAE are open for skilled workers who want to relocate! The average salary for cashier jobs in the UAE is around 2,443 AED/month (=665.12 USD). However, it depends on the work location and your experience. Cashiers

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Searching Nail Technician Jobs in UK

Nail technician jobs in UK

Nail technician jobs are becoming more popular than ever! Create artistic, fashionable nail pieces according to clients’ requests and build a strong clientele! If this sounds exciting, sign up on VideoWorkers and easily connect to nail technician jobs in UK!

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Looking for Housekeeping jobs in Canada

Housekeeping jobs in Canada

Housekeeping is always in demand! There are thousands of housekeeping jobs in Canada available for motivated people looking for opportunities abroad!  You could sign up for housekeeping in private homes, as well as any other public building. If you’re a

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Seeking farm worker jobs UK

Farm worker jobs UK

Farm worker jobs in the UK are available throughout the year, but especially during harvesting time. So, this job offers full-time as well as seasonal positions. If you’re interested, read more and start getting connected! Usually, the tasks depend on

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finding kitchen helper jobs in canada

Kitchen helper jobs in Canada

Available kitchen helper jobs in Canada for workers looking for better opportunities abroad! You can choose between thousands of part-time or full-time positions in numerous types of food-related businesses. So, keep reading and start connecting to employers on VideoWorkers! For

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Company Offering Delivery Jobs UK

Delivery jobs UK

Looking for better job opportunities abroad? Sign up for delivery jobs in UK on VideoWorkers! Delivery jobs present many different opportunities: you could work at the post office and deliver letters or packages, or work as a food delivery driver,

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Employer Offering Forklift Operator Jobs in Canada

Forklift operator jobs in Canada

If you’ve got a forklift license and are looking for jobs abroad for better opportunities, then sign up for forklift operator jobs in Canada! Simply apply for the job by showing employers your skills on VideoWorkers! As a forklift operator,

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Finding Social Worker Jobs in Australia

Social worker jobs in Australia

Social workers are always in demand, as they are crucial to many areas of the public sector. In Australia, there are thousands of available social worker jobs at the moment! Because of this, social work is a great career option

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Employees Finding Call Center Jobs USA

Call center jobs USA

Thousand of available call center jobs in the USA! If you’re interested, simply show your excellent English communication skills, as well as your helpful and positive attitude on VideoWorkers, and connect to employers! A call center representative helps clients access

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Company Offering Accountant Jobs in Canada

Accountant jobs in Canada

Accountants are in high demand in Canada, especially in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec! If you’re a professional with exceptional attention to detail and experience in bookkeeping, sign up for accountant jobs in Canada! Read below and, if it

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Finding Nurse Jobs in Australia

Nurse jobs in Australia

Skilled foreign professionals are welcome to fill in the high demand for nurse jobs in Australia! Of course, for this position, you need a Degree in Nursing that is equivalent to Australian standards. Soft skills are also important for nursing,

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Applying for Chef Jobs in Australia

Chef jobs in Australia

Do you get a sense of satisfaction when people eat your delicious food? Have you been dreaming about a career abroad as a chef? Good news: chefs are on Australia’s list of most in-demand job positions! So, if you’ve got

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Company Offering Electrical Engineer Jobs Singapore

Electrical engineer jobs Singapore

Electrical engineer jobs in Singapore are open for qualified professionals looking to relocate! With a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, you can work with Singapore’s biggest companies. If you’ve got great understanding and experience in electrical engineering design and implementation,

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Luxury Hotel Offering Hotel Receptionist Jobs in Dubai

Hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai

Show your amazing hospitality skills and connect to hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai! If you have excellent communication skills, a friendly and helpful personality, as well as great administrative skills, you’re all set – start applying on VideoWorkers! Depending on

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Looking for Optical technician jobs in Dubai

Optical technician jobs in Dubai

Optical technician jobs in Dubai are available to skilled workers looking for vacancies abroad! If you can execute high-quality spectacles, then read below and get connected on VideoWorkers! As an optical technician, you would use a specialized machine to create

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Clothing for Firefighter Jobs in Canada

Firefighter jobs in Canada

New openings for firefighter jobs in Canada! As first responders, firefighters need to be exceptional at solving emergencies efficiently. In this position, of course, you would extinguish fires according to the severity of the incident, but you would also provide

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Company Offering Safety Manager Jobs in Canada

Safety manager jobs Canada

With the right set of skills, you can apply for safety manager jobs in Canada! For this position, you would need a Bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety or any other related field. However, some employers may accept an

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Workers Getting Construction Worker Jobs in Singapore

Construction worker jobs Singapore

Singapore offers construction worker jobs for skilled workers looking for better opportunities! The general tasks for construction worker jobs in Singapore are: building infrastructures and scaffolding, assisting with the operations of heavy equipment, as well as unloading materials and removing

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Trying Beekeeper Jobs in Australia

Beekeeper jobs in Australia

As a beekeeper, you would have to manage beehives and properly care for bees and their environment! If you’re qualified for the work, sign up for beekeeper jobs in Australia! For this role, you would need a completed apprenticeship equivalent

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Workers Getting Power Lineman Jobs in Canada

Power lineman jobs in Canada

Available power lineman jobs in Canada! A power lineman (or a lineworker) installs, connects, and maintains transmission systems such as public cables, poles, and electrical systems. For this position, you need to have completed an apprenticeship in order to learn

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Company Offering Boilermaker Jobs in Australia

Boilermaker jobs in Australia

Qualified boilermakers are always in demand in Australia! For boilermaker jobs in Australia, an important requirement is an Australian Certificate III or IV in engineering or another equivalent certificate issued in another country. Boilermakers work in the manufacturing sector, but

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Company Offering Textile Jobs in Germany

Textile jobs in Germany

Are you looking for better offers abroad for jobs in the textile industry? Then sign up for textile jobs in Germany, one of the biggest textile industries in the world! A textile worker in Germany performs routine tasks in textile

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Applying for Cashier Jobs in Canada

Cashier jobs in Canada

Thousands of open vacancies for cashier jobs in Canada! Most businesses require a cashier, so there are many different options to choose from! At most cashier jobs in Canada, you would need to help with other tasks, according to the

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Trying Bricklayer Jobs in UK

Bricklayer jobs in UK

Construction businesses are looking for hard-working individuals ready to take up bricklayer jobs in the UK! As a bricklayer, you would construct or repair brick foundations such as walls, chimneys, or other brick structures. Bricklayer jobs on the shortage list

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Trying Nail Technician Jobs in Canada

Nail technician jobs Canada

Because of social media, nail artists are more popular than ever! If you have the right skills, passion, and creativity, sign up for nail technician jobs in Canada! You usually need to have completed a beauty school or another kind

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Trying Hairdresser jobs in Canada

Hairdresser jobs in Canada

If you are a skilled and qualified hairdresser, sign up for hairdresser jobs in Canada! The job position is in demand everywhere in the country, however, the regions most in demand are Alberta British, Columbia, and Manitoba. For hairdresser jobs

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Trying Drywall Jobs in Canada

Drywall jobs in Canada

There are over 10,000 openings for drywall installer jobs in Canada! In this role, you would set up drywall structures in construction sites, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities. To qualify for this position in Canada, you must have at least

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Looking for Sheet metal worker jobs Australia

Sheet metal worker jobs Australia

Skilled metal workers are in high demand in Australia! At sheet metal worker jobs Australia, you would fabricate, assemble, install, and repair sheet metal products, employing your technical and basic mathematical skills. For this position, you may take up a

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Trying Roofing Jobs in Canada

Roofing jobs in Canada

Companies in Canada are looking for experienced roofers to execute projects all over the country!  If you are generally knowledgeable about construction work and power tools, then sign up for job opportunities for roofing jobs in Canada! For roofing jobs

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Trying Computer programming jobs in Canada

Computer programming jobs in Canada

Computer programming is one of the most in-demand professions everywhere in the world! If you have a computer science degree and are looking for better job opportunities abroad, then sign up for computer programming jobs in Canada! In this role,

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Trying Fisherman Jobs in Canada

Fisherman jobs in Canada

Foreign fishermen make up a big part of the Canadian fishing industry. At the moment, over 3,000 job openings are available to hard-working and responsible fishermen! At fisherman jobs in Canada, you would use fishing equipment to locate and catch

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Trying Pharmacist jobs in Dubai

Pharmacist jobs in Dubai

There are currently over 5,000 job openings for pharmacist jobs in Dubai! A pharmacist mainly dispenses medications and provides the correct dosage, according to prescriptions. You must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and an authorization license, as well as

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Trying Software Engineer Jobs in Canada

Software engineer jobs Canada

Software engineers are in high demand in Canada and there are thousands of job opportunities for qualified individuals looking to relocate! If you have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or another relevant field, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills as

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Trying Anesthetist Jobs in Dubai

Anesthetist jobs in Dubai

Medical staff is always needed! Public and private medical centers in Dubai are looking for detail-oriented anesthetists to assist doctors and monitor patients during procedures. The average salary for anesthetist jobs in Dubai 577,212 AED/year (=157,149 USD), depending on your

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Trying Solar installer jobs in Australia

Solar installer jobs Australia

Sign up for solar installer jobs in Australia! If you’ve got the understanding and skills to install solar panels according to blueprints and specifications, keep reading and connect to offers! For solar installer jobs in Australia, you need to be

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Trying IT Technician Jobs in Dubai

IT technician jobs in Dubai

UAE companies in Dubai are hiring competent IT technicians to respond to any IT-related queries and make sure the computer systems are running smoothly! On average, IT technician jobs in Dubai offer approximately 16,000 AED/month (=4,356 USD), widely depending on

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Applying for E-commerce jobs in Singapore

E-commerce jobs in Singapore

Companies are looking for professional e-commerce specialists to increase company’s revenue! There is a big demand for e-commerce jobs in Singapore, so read below and start applying! In this position, you would develop, create, implement and optimize online sales strategies.

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Employees with Customer service representative jobs in Canada

Customer service representative jobs in Canada

Numerous opportunities for customer service representative jobs in Canada! In this position, you can work in basically any industry, as long as you have an excellent ability to understand the product and communicate with customers professionally! At customer service representative

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Company offering postal jobs in Australia

Postal jobs in Australia

Open vacancies for postal jobs in Australia! You can take up numerous positions in the postal office, such as mail courier, mail clerk, or mail assistant. The job titles may differ depending on the country, so let us clarify the

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Company Offering Laundry Jobs in Canada

Laundry jobs in Canada

Canadian laundry businesses are looking for responsible and customer-oriented staff to join the team! At laundry jobs in Canada, you would remove stains from numerous fabrics, as well as wash, dry, iron, and fold clothes or other items. Moreover, you

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Company Ofeering Tractor Driver Jobs Canada

Tractor driver jobs Canada

Skilled agricultural drivers are welcome to apply for tractor driver jobs in Canada! Tractor drivers are employed by agricultural companies and the type of work depends on the time of the year. For instance, while in the summertime you would

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Trying nanny jobs in UK

Nanny jobs in UK

Families in the UK are looking for incredibly responsible and kind nannies to provide excellent care for their children! Nanny jobs in UK require solid English skills to communicate with the family, as well as experience with children. You must

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Trying barber jobs in Dubai

Barber jobs in Dubai

If you can provide an excellent barber experience, sign up for barber jobs in Dubai! To be a successful barber, you need more than a completed barber’s certification – solid customer service skills need to be one of your natural

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Trying Housekeeping Jobs in UK

Housekeeping jobs UK

Housekeeping jobs available in the UK! Busy home owners are looking for trustworthy and responsible workers to keep their homes clean and tidy! On top of these attributes, housekeeping jobs in the UK require motivation, stamina, and basic English skills

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Trying Food Delivery Jobs in Australia

Food delivery jobs in Australia

Delivery riders are becoming increasingly popular all over the world! Sign up for food delivery jobs in Australia: pick up orders from restaurants and deliver the order to your client’s location! You need to have a driver’s license, however most

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Trying Taxi Driver Jobs in UAE

Taxi driver jobs in UAE

If you can drive safely and efficiently and possess good interpersonal skills, sign up now for taxi driver jobs in UAE! From taxi cabs to limousines, UAE companies are looking for trustworthy drivers to help clients arrive at their destinations.

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Company Offering Food Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

Food factory worker jobs Canada

Thousands of available food factory worker jobs in Canada! Ensure the production processes of food and drinks, do quality checks, pack and prepare for delivery! For this position, you need to be organized, motivated, as well as reliable enough to ensure

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Tring Glazing Jobs in Australia

Glazing jobs in Australia

There is a high demand to fill numerous available glazing jobs in Australia! A glazier installs different glass items, such as insulated or tempered glass windows or doors. Moreover, at glass jobs in Australia, you could specialize in different types

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Applying for Tile Mason Jobs in Canada

Tile mason jobs in Canada

Companies are actively hiring for tile mason jobs in Canada to overcome their labor shortages! Looking to relocate for better opportunities? Read below and get connected on VideoWorkers! For tile mason jobs in Canada you need to shape and fit

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Trying Wall Painter Jobs in Qatar

Wall painter jobs in Qatar

Looking for wall painter jobs abroad? You’ve found the right place – sign up for wall painter jobs in Qatar! The average salary for this position is 4,538 QAR/month (=1,246.36 USD). However, it depends on your experience and work location.

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Tring Machinist Jobs in Canada

Machinist jobs in Canada

Sign up for machinist jobs in Canada! Produce precision metal parts according to technical drawings, blueprints, and specifications! Of course, you would also set and maintain the machines correctly in order to obtain the right results! For this position, you

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Looking for Lathe machine operator jobs in Canada

Lathe machine operator jobs in Canada

Lathe machine operator jobs available in Canada! Lathe operators process raw materials into parts and components. If you can determine the speed and settings of machines to obtain specific results, then sign up on VideoWorkers and show employers your excellent

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Company Offering Rig Manager Jobs in Australia

Rig manager jobs in Australia

If you’re a qualified and experienced rig drill worker with great managerial skills, sign up for rig manager jobs in Australia! You would monitor the work progress, give instructions and ensure the smooth-running of equipment and operations according to health

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Clinic Ofering Medical Secretary Jobs in Australia

Medical secretary jobs in Australia

Ensure the smooth running of the medical offices at one of the many available medical secretary jobs in Australia! For this position, you would need excellent administrative skills as well as excellent communication skills to adjust patient-doctor schedules. On average,

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Trying Civil Site Engineer Jobs in Singapore

Civil site engineer jobs in Singapore

Open vacancies for civil site engineer jobs in Singapore! In this position, you would manage construction projects, supervise workers to ensure coordination, and ensure health and safety conditions. Moreover, you would keep technical logs, coordinate with suppliers and contractors, create

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Woman Trying Company Secretary Jobs in Australia

Company secretary jobs in Australia

Company secretary jobs available in Australia! Generally, as a company secretary, you would perform administrative tasks in order to assist your employer with everyday operations. For instance, you would help with schedules, arranging meetings, manage all types of mail and

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Trying Signal Maintainer Jobs in Canada

Signal maintainer jobs in Canada

Signal maintainer jobs in Canada are available for dedicated workers! In this position, you would use mechanical and electrical abilities at high professional standards in order to identify and fix technical problems in signal systems. Your general activity at a

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Company Offering Driller Jobs in Canada

Driller jobs in Canada

Drillers are in big demand in Canada! Drillers set up, operate, and maintain the equipment for drilling wells for oil or gas. If you’re hard-working, knowledgeable and skilled with construction materials, sign up for driller jobs in Canada! On average, driller

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Trying Makeup Artist Jobs in UK

Makeup artist jobs in UK

Makeup artists are more popular than ever! Show your impressive skills on VideoWorkers and connect to makeup artist jobs in the UK! As a makeup artist, you need excellent creative skills to stand out from the fierce competition. Usually, makeup

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Trying Car Wash Jobs in Canada

Car Wash jobs in Canada

If you are responsible, detail-oriented, and have good customer service skills, sign up for car wash jobs in Canada to offer your services! On average, car wash jobs in Canada earn around 16.75 CAD/hour, depending on work location. Other benefits

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Applying for Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada

Mechanical engineering jobs in Canada

The rise of automation has created a high demand for mechanical engineering jobs in Canada! In this position, you would design, develop, and install mechanical devices, such as tools, machinery, or engines. At a mechanical engineering job in Canada, you would

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Trying Civil Engineer Jobs in Australia

Civil engineer jobs in Australia

Construction firms are in big demand for skilled workers to take up civil engineer jobs in Australia! The average salary for a civil engineer in Australia is 56.40 AUD/hour (=35.96 USD). The offer, however, depends on your education, experience, and

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Trying Audiologist Jobs in Canada

Audiologist jobs in Canada

Due to the aging population and the increased hearing problems of the younger population, there is a high demand for audiologist jobs in Canada! If you’re a certified and experienced audiologist, offer your medical services in Canadian medical institutions! The

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Trying Paramedic Jobs in the UK

Paramedic jobs in the UK

The UK is offering paramedic jobs for dedicated and skilled medical professionals to promptly respond to medical emergencies. The average base salary for paramedic jobs is the UK around 2,741 GBP/month, depending on your seniority and skills. Paramedic jobs in

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Trying Forester Jobs in Australia

Forester jobs in Australia

Forester jobs are on Australia’s list of most in-demand occupations. Because of this, if you migrate to Australia as a forester, you could be offered permanent residency in the country! So, read below and connect to forester jobs in Australia!

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Trying Poultry Farm Jobs in Canada

Poultry farm jobs in Canada

If you’re looking for farm job opportunities, you’ve found it! Sign up for poultry farm jobs in Canada! Grow domesticated birds to harvest meat, eggs, or feathers! Usually, you receive training at the job, but prior experience and knowledge is

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Looking for Tour Guide Jobs in Egypt

Tour guide jobs in Egypt

If you have a positive and lively personality with a huge passion for history and communication, sign up tour guide jobs in Egypt! As a tour guide, you would organize trips, plan routes, book tickets, and inform tourists of the

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Trying Dental Assistant Jobs in Canada

Dental assistant jobs in Canada

Help with quality procedures and treatments and sign up for dental assistant jobs in Canada! In this position, you would assist the dentist during procedures by setting up the dental tray, and handing the correct tools and equipment. You would

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Trying Dentist Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia

Offer quality procedures and treatments and sign up for dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia! As a dentist, you would consult according to client’s complaints and requests and offer quality procedures. Besides offering treatment and performing dental surgeries, you would also

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Trying Radiologist Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Radiologist jobs in Saudi Arabia

Offer medical services at radiologist jobs available in Saudi Arabia! On average, radiologist jobs in Saudi Arabia start at 413,400 SAR/year (=110,192.66 USD). The offer depends on your education, skills, as well as experience. As a radiologist, you would provide

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Trying Veterinary Jobs in Dubai

Veterinary jobs in Dubai

Veterinary jobs available in Dubai! Consult and treat disease and injuries of animals, perform surgery, administer medication, vaccines. You would also provide after-care and advice for customers on how to sustain the well-being of the animal. Most professionals of this

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Applying for Translator Jobs in Japan

Translator jobs in Japan

Companies are actively offering translator jobs in Japan! As a big market competitor, being able to facilitate communication with Japanese enterprises is very important. So, you could find translator vacancies in numerous types of companies! Also, translator jobs in Japan

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Company Offering Bus Driver Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Bus driver jobs Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is looking for responsible and hospitable workers to take up bus driver jobs!  Over 3,000 such positions are open in the country, now available for women bus drivers as well. Transport passengers by following routes according to schedules!

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Trying Window Cleaner Jobs in the UAE

Window cleaner jobs in the UAE

Everywhere in the world, window cleaner jobs are available for motivated and hard-working professionals! In the UAE, the average salary for window cleaner jobs can go up to 2,301 AED/month, depending on location, tasks, and skills. Ensure the cleanliness of

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Trying Garbage Collector Jobs in Canada

Garbage collector jobs in Canada

There are numerous garbage collector jobs in Canada for punctual and responsible workers! As a garbage collector, you would drive specialized vehicles around neighborhoods and empty trash-bins mechanically.  Moreover, you would fulfill these tasks during specified time-frames. Of course, you

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Trying Street Cleaner Jobs in Australia

Street cleaner jobs in Australia

Australia is looking for motivated workers to take up street cleaner jobs! So, if you’re a motivated worker looking to work abroad, sign up for street cleaner jobs in Australia! As a street cleaner, you would remove any debris from

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Trying Security Guard Jobs in Dubai

Security guard jobs in Dubai

As UAE’s most popular and vibrant city, Dubai is in big demand for security guards! Read below and, if you relate to the description, sign up for security guard jobs in Dubai! Generally, a security guard in Dubai protects property,

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Trying English Teacher Jobs in Korea

English teacher jobs in Korea

Over 1,000 English teacher jobs are available in Korea! You can work in any sector of education as an English teacher – even as an assistant! It depends on your qualifications. Summer schools and other alternatives for more personal teaching

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Trying Nurse Jobs in Singapore

Nurse jobs in Singapore

Singapore is actively looking for foreign nurses to assist other medical professionals in public health systems! Check out the job description below and sign up for nurse jobs in Singapore! The salary range for nurse jobs in Singapore is approximately

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Trying Plasterer Jobs in UK

Plasterer jobs UK

Companies are in high demand for skilled plasterer jobs in the UK! Plasterers are in charge of finishing work for walls and ceilings. Usually, they offer their services in new buildings or renovated spaces, to repair any damage and give

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Trying Tailor Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia

There are many tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia available for people looking to relocate abroad! Develop your skills by following customer specifications to alter, repair, or even design clothes! Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia range between 2,880 SAR  (=767 USD) to

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Trying Bartender Jobs in Canada

Bartender jobs in Canada

Thousands of bartender jobs are available in Canada! If you have great customer service skills and you enjoy preparing delicious and exciting-looking drinks, then sign up to be a bartender in Canada! It is a great bonus if you completed a

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Trying Butcher Jobs in UK

Butcher jobs UK

Numerous butcher jobs open in the UK! UK businesses are looking for skilled butchers to work in local shops all over the country. Work flexible schedules and cut, trim, and prepare fresh meats for display! You must have a great

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Trying Carpenter Jobs in Canada

Carpenter jobs in Canada

There are over 10,000 open carpenter jobs in Canada! If you’re a skilled worker looking to relocate, read below and start your application on Videoworkers! Carpenters are hired by construction companies or contractors to build, install, adjust, repair structures made

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Company Offering Production Worker Jobs in South Korea

Production worker jobs in South Korea

Sign up for production worker jobs in South Korea! The country is actively hiring factory employees in various industries. Generally, at a production worker job, you would be responsible for monitoring and aiding the production process and carrying out quality

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Trying Chef Jobs in the UK

Chef jobs in the UK

Are you a food lover passionate about executing incredibly delicious dishes? Sign up for chef jobs in the UK! Kitchen staff is always in-demand and the international environment in the UK opens a lot of opportunities for chefs wanting to

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Trying Waiter Jobs in Spain

Waiter jobs in Spain

Waiter jobs in Spain are a popular choice for people looking for flexible schedules, part-time or full-time! A full-time job as a waiter in Spain is around 1,030 EUR, on average. However, if the standards of the work location are

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Trying Waiter Jobs in Malta

Waiter jobs in Malta

Find seasonal or permanent positions through waiter jobs in Malta! Work in beautiful locations and immerse yourself in the lively and hospitable spirit of Malta! You can work anywhere in the country: cities, towns, or holiday resorts. For a waiter

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Company Offering Excavator Operator Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Excavator operator jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi construction companies are looking for workers with the motivation and ability to operate heavy equipment efficiently and responsibly! So, sign up for excavator operator jobs in Saudi Arabia! Besides the mechanical abilities to operate heavy machinery,  you would need

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Trying Electrician Jobs in Canada

Electrician jobs in Canada

Around 5,000 openings for electrician jobs in Canada! Are you a certified electrician? Then read below and sign up now for electrician jobs in Canada. As an electrician, you would read technical drawings and specifications in order to install, repair, and

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Trying Plumber Jobs in Australia

Plumber jobs in Australia

Did you know there are thousands of opportunities for plumber jobs in Australia? As most Australian tradesmen are closer to the retirement age, the country is in big demand for skilled workers to fill these positions. According to Australian public data,

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Company Offering Plumber Jobs in Canada

Plumber jobs in Canada

Available plumber jobs in Canada – data estimates that 12,000 plumber jobs in Canada are available to be filled until 2031! So, there is a huge demand for plumber jobs in Canada at the moment! As a plumber, you would

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Trying Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Caregiver jobs in Canada

Available caregiver jobs in Canada! Many people living in Canada with various needs and disabilities are looking for dedicated and empathic personal caregivers who love helping others! Caregivers usually work in retirement homes and help with the administration of treatment

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Trying Gardener Jobs in France

Gardener jobs in France

Workers with a passion for plants and landscaping are welcome to upload their applications and connect to gardener jobs in France! Note that there is a distinction between gardener jobs in France between the ones who grow and care for

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Trying Gardener Jobs in the USA

Gardener jobs in the USA

Are you a crafty worker with a passion for plants and landscaping? Then don’t miss out on the many gardener jobs in the USA! The salary as a gardener in the USA varies drastically on the gardening project, location, and

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Trying Cleaner Jobs in Malta

Cleaner jobs in Malta

Offer your services as a reliable and detail-oriented worker and sign up for cleaner jobs in Malta! You can work in holiday resorts or cities, as well as full or part-time. Moreover, since Malta is a popular holiday destination, there

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Trying Cleaner Jobs in Australia

Cleaner jobs in Australia

From holiday resorts to companies, schools, and town halls, there are numerous available cleaner jobs in Australia! As suggested, this job ensures the cleanliness of the premises according to the standards of the place. Because of this, the salary may

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Trying Massage Therapist Jobs in Japan

Massage therapist jobs in Japan

If you are skilled and passionate about offering your services, apply for massage therapist jobs in Japan! Spa therapists can work in widely different sectors, from holiday resorts and spas to appointments in corporate offices. Of course, depending on your

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Employer Offering Wine Jobs in Italy

Wine jobs in Italy

Passionate, earth-loving, and qualified workers are welcome to sign up on VideoWorkers for the many wine jobs in Italy and experience the Italian viticulture industry as a wine cellar worker! At a wine cellar job in Italy, you would help with

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Trying Farm Jobs in Australia

Farm jobs Australia

Motivated and skilled workers are welcome to apply for the numerous farm jobs in Australia! Grow healthy crops, look after farm animals, and manage farm processes! The average salary for a livestock farmer in Australia is around 18 AUD/hour. Because

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Trying Kitchen Helper Jobs in Italy

Kitchen helper jobs in Italy

Open kitchen helper jobs in Italy! Businesses are looking for hard-working individuals with a strong team spirit and hospitable personalities to work as kitchen helpers! There are numerous opportunities to work as a kitchen helper in Italy in restaurants, bars,

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Trying Construction Worker Jobs in Canada

Construction worker jobs in Canada

Construction worker jobs in Canada are one of the most in-demand positions, with Canadian news sites reporting over 20,000 available construction jobs in Ontario only! As a construction worker, you would be cleaning and preparing construction sites using heavy machinery.

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Trying Welder Jobs in Canada

Welder jobs in Canada

Sign up for welder jobs in Canada! Canadian public data shows that the country is expecting 17,700 new welder jobs between 2022 and 2031. So, wait no longer – sign up on VideoWorkers to repair and create metal items using

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Trying Truck Driver Jobs in the UK

Truck driver jobs in UK

Truck driver jobs in UK are open to thousands of skilled workers!  Truck drivers play a central role in ensuring the delivery of goods to manufacturing or distribution centers.  For this, on top of the driving skills, you would need

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Trying Truck Driver Jobs in Australia

Truck driver jobs in Australia

Australia’s trucking business is becoming increasingly popular! If you have the right certifications, get connected to truck driver jobs in Australia! Depending on the distance, an interstate truck driver can earn as much as $69,609.28 annually! Otherwise, the average salary

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Trying Welding Jobs in Sweden

Welding jobs in Sweden

There are thousands of available welding jobs in Sweden for skilled workers! Welders are a crucial part of the manufacturing business. From family businesses to huge factories, with or without experience, you can find the right opportunity for you! So,

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Trying Welder Jobs in Poland

Welder jobs in Poland

Welder jobs in Poland are popular and in demand! Employers have attractive offers for novice or experienced welders looking to relocate. From small firms to huge factories, follow the new opportunities and apply on VideoWorkers for welder jobs in Poland!

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