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Electrical engineer jobs Singapore

Company Offering Electrical Engineer Jobs Singapore

Electrical engineer jobs in Singapore are open for qualified professionals looking to relocate! With a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, you can work with Singapore’s biggest companies. If you’ve got great understanding and experience in electrical engineering design and implementation, you’re ready to go! The average salary for electrical engineering jobs in Singapore is around […]

Bricklayer jobs in UK

Trying Bricklayer Jobs in UK

Construction businesses are looking for hard-working individuals ready to take up bricklayer jobs in the UK! As a bricklayer, you would construct or repair brick foundations such as walls, chimneys, or other brick structures. Bricklayer jobs on the shortage list in the UK, which means that Visa applicants enjoy higher salaries than before. Another benefit is […]

Nanny jobs in UK

Trying nanny jobs in UK

Families in the UK are looking for incredibly responsible and kind nannies to provide excellent care for their children! Nanny jobs in UK require solid English skills to communicate with the family, as well as experience with children. You must have strong compassion and a natural talent to interact and understand children’s needs according to […]

Kitchen helper jobs in Italy

Trying Kitchen Helper Jobs in Italy

Open kitchen helper jobs in Italy! Businesses are looking for hard-working individuals with a strong team spirit and hospitable personalities to work as kitchen helpers! There are numerous opportunities to work as a kitchen helper in Italy in restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, catering companies or mall food courts. Join the vibrant, welcoming spirit of Italy […]

Excavator jobs in Singapore

Looking for Excavator jobs in Singapore

Available excavator jobs in Singapore for experienced professionals looking for better opportunities! Read more and apply on VideoWorkers to easily connect to employers abroad! For this position, you need an excavator license as well as experience working with heavy industrial machines. Stamina and motivation are also important for a successful job! Excavator jobs in Singapore […]

Kitchen helper jobs in Canada

finding kitchen helper jobs in canada

Available kitchen helper jobs in Canada for workers looking for better opportunities abroad! You can choose between thousands of part-time or full-time positions in numerous types of food-related businesses. So, keep reading and start connecting to employers on VideoWorkers! For this position, you would need at least one year of kitchen experience, strong motivation, and […]

Call center jobs USA

Employees Finding Call Center Jobs USA

Thousand of available call center jobs in the USA! If you’re interested, simply show your excellent English communication skills, as well as your helpful and positive attitude on VideoWorkers, and connect to employers! A call center representative helps clients access the company’s services at full capacity. That means you would help customers with their questions, […]

Hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai

Luxury Hotel Offering Hotel Receptionist Jobs in Dubai

Show your amazing hospitality skills and connect to hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai! If you have excellent communication skills, a friendly and helpful personality, as well as great administrative skills, you’re all set – start applying on VideoWorkers! Depending on the location, as well as your skills, hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai usually earn around […]

Optical technician jobs in Dubai

Looking for Optical technician jobs in Dubai

Optical technician jobs in Dubai are available to skilled workers looking for vacancies abroad! If you can execute high-quality spectacles, then read below and get connected on VideoWorkers! As an optical technician, you would use a specialized machine to create lenses according to specifications and the frame. Of course, you would also do finishing work, […]

Firefighter jobs in Canada

Clothing for Firefighter Jobs in Canada

New openings for firefighter jobs in Canada! As first responders, firefighters need to be exceptional at solving emergencies efficiently. In this position, of course, you would extinguish fires according to the severity of the incident, but you would also provide first aid when necessary. For firefighter jobs in Canada, you need the appropriate education such […]

Construction worker jobs Singapore

Workers Getting Construction Worker Jobs in Singapore

Singapore offers construction worker jobs for skilled workers looking for better opportunities! The general tasks for construction worker jobs in Singapore are: building infrastructures and scaffolding, assisting with the operations of heavy equipment, as well as unloading materials and removing debris. Of course, you need to be cautious of any hazards to avoid accidents. On […]

Power lineman jobs in Canada

Workers Getting Power Lineman Jobs in Canada

Available power lineman jobs in Canada! A power lineman (or a lineworker) installs, connects, and maintains transmission systems such as public cables, poles, and electrical systems. For this position, you need to have completed an apprenticeship in order to learn how to work with powerline safely and troubleshoot powerline issues independently. Because of the high-risk […]

Boilermaker jobs in Australia

Company Offering Boilermaker Jobs in Australia

Qualified boilermakers are always in demand in Australia! For boilermaker jobs in Australia, an important requirement is an Australian Certificate III or IV in engineering or another equivalent certificate issued in another country. Boilermakers work in the manufacturing sector, but also in construction or mining. Moreover, besides fabrication and installation, boilermakers repair hot water boilers […]

Fisherman jobs in Canada

Trying Fisherman Jobs in Canada

Foreign fishermen make up a big part of the Canadian fishing industry. At the moment, over 3,000 job openings are available to hard-working and responsible fishermen! At fisherman jobs in Canada, you would use fishing equipment to locate and catch fish within the legal specifications. Widely depending on job location, conditions, skills and experience, fisherman […]

Software engineer jobs Canada

Trying Software Engineer Jobs in Canada

Software engineers are in high demand in Canada and there are thousands of job opportunities for qualified individuals looking to relocate! If you have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or another relevant field, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills as well as creativity, then connect to software engineer jobs in Canada! In this position, you […]

Anesthetist jobs in Dubai

Trying Anesthetist Jobs in Dubai

Medical staff is always needed! Public and private medical centers in Dubai are looking for detail-oriented anesthetists to assist doctors and monitor patients during procedures. The average salary for anesthetist jobs in Dubai 577,212 AED/year (=157,149 USD), depending on your experience and the medical sector (private centers are likely to pay more). Of course, to […]

Solar installer jobs Australia

Trying Solar installer jobs in Australia

Sign up for solar installer jobs in Australia! If you’ve got the understanding and skills to install solar panels according to blueprints and specifications, keep reading and connect to offers! For solar installer jobs in Australia, you need to be a certified electrician and possess a CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation. Moreover, you need good physical […]

IT technician jobs in Dubai

Trying IT Technician Jobs in Dubai

UAE companies in Dubai are hiring competent IT technicians to respond to any IT-related queries and make sure the computer systems are running smoothly! On average, IT technician jobs in Dubai offer approximately 16,000 AED/month (=4,356 USD), widely depending on your experience, education, and, of course, skills. Almost all businesses and offices need IT technicians, […]

E-commerce jobs in Singapore

Applying for E-commerce jobs in Singapore

Companies are looking for professional e-commerce specialists to increase company’s revenue! There is a big demand for e-commerce jobs in Singapore, so read below and start applying! In this position, you would develop, create, implement and optimize online sales strategies. Your must possess a Bachelor’s degree preferably in marketing, as well as excellent analytical skills […]

Customer service representative jobs in Canada

Employees with Customer service representative jobs in Canada

Numerous opportunities for customer service representative jobs in Canada! In this position, you can work in basically any industry, as long as you have an excellent ability to understand the product and communicate with customers professionally! At customer service representative jobs in Canada, you would be one of the main people of contact, offering support […]

Lathe machine operator jobs in Canada

Looking for Lathe machine operator jobs in Canada

Lathe machine operator jobs available in Canada! Lathe operators process raw materials into parts and components. If you can determine the speed and settings of machines to obtain specific results, then sign up on VideoWorkers and show employers your excellent skills as a lathe operator! Depending on the location, skills, and experience, lathe machine operator […]

Medical secretary jobs in Australia

Clinic Ofering Medical Secretary Jobs in Australia

Ensure the smooth running of the medical offices at one of the many available medical secretary jobs in Australia! For this position, you would need excellent administrative skills as well as excellent communication skills to adjust patient-doctor schedules. On average, medical secretary jobs in Australia offer around 39.32 AUD/hour with other included benefits, depending on […]

Civil site engineer jobs in Singapore

Trying Civil Site Engineer Jobs in Singapore

Open vacancies for civil site engineer jobs in Singapore! In this position, you would manage construction projects, supervise workers to ensure coordination, and ensure health and safety conditions. Moreover, you would keep technical logs, coordinate with suppliers and contractors, create reports, and prepare cost estimates as part of your main tasks. On average, civil site […]

Company secretary jobs in Australia

Woman Trying Company Secretary Jobs in Australia

Company secretary jobs available in Australia! Generally, as a company secretary, you would perform administrative tasks in order to assist your employer with everyday operations. For instance, you would help with schedules, arranging meetings, manage all types of mail and incoming messages. Moreover, you would ensure the smooth running of the office, according to the […]

Signal maintainer jobs in Canada

Trying Signal Maintainer Jobs in Canada

Signal maintainer jobs in Canada are available for dedicated workers! In this position, you would use mechanical and electrical abilities at high professional standards in order to identify and fix technical problems in signal systems. Your general activity at a signal maintainer job would be to perform routine maintenance and manage urgent repairs for railway […]

Driller jobs in Canada

Company Offering Driller Jobs in Canada

Drillers are in big demand in Canada! Drillers set up, operate, and maintain the equipment for drilling wells for oil or gas. If you’re hard-working, knowledgeable and skilled with construction materials, sign up for driller jobs in Canada! On average, driller jobs in Canada offer around 32.02 CAD/hour, with other included benefits such as covered accommodation […]

Mechanical engineering jobs in Canada

Applying for Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Canada

The rise of automation has created a high demand for mechanical engineering jobs in Canada! In this position, you would design, develop, and install mechanical devices, such as tools, machinery, or engines. At a mechanical engineering job in Canada, you would need excellent research and design skills, as well as a solid understanding of computer programs […]

Audiologist jobs in Canada

Trying Audiologist Jobs in Canada

Due to the aging population and the increased hearing problems of the younger population, there is a high demand for audiologist jobs in Canada! If you’re a certified and experienced audiologist, offer your medical services in Canadian medical institutions! The average salary for audiologist jobs in Canada is around 81,030 CAD (=60,593.83 USD), depending on […]

Paramedic jobs in the UK

Trying Paramedic Jobs in the UK

The UK is offering paramedic jobs for dedicated and skilled medical professionals to promptly respond to medical emergencies. The average base salary for paramedic jobs is the UK around 2,741 GBP/month, depending on your seniority and skills. Paramedic jobs in the UK undergo extensive training, however they require less formal education than most medical professionals. […]

Dental assistant jobs in Canada

Trying Dental Assistant Jobs in Canada

Help with quality procedures and treatments and sign up for dental assistant jobs in Canada! In this position, you would assist the dentist during procedures by setting up the dental tray, and handing the correct tools and equipment. You would also be in charge for preparing dental substances/materials, as well as sterilizing and disinfecting instruments. […]

Dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia

Trying Dentist Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Offer quality procedures and treatments and sign up for dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia! As a dentist, you would consult according to client’s complaints and requests and offer quality procedures. Besides offering treatment and performing dental surgeries, you would also offer cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening. On average, dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia offer […]

Radiologist jobs in Saudi Arabia

Trying Radiologist Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Offer medical services at radiologist jobs available in Saudi Arabia! On average, radiologist jobs in Saudi Arabia start at 413,400 SAR/year (=110,192.66 USD). The offer depends on your education, skills, as well as experience. As a radiologist, you would provide medical images of the patient for further medical investigation and diagnosis, using the appropriate machines. […]

Veterinary jobs in Dubai

Trying Veterinary Jobs in Dubai

Veterinary jobs available in Dubai! Consult and treat disease and injuries of animals, perform surgery, administer medication, vaccines. You would also provide after-care and advice for customers on how to sustain the well-being of the animal. Most professionals of this position work at veterinary cabinets, although some may respond to emergencies from a variety of […]

Translator jobs in Japan

Applying for Translator Jobs in Japan

Companies are actively offering translator jobs in Japan! As a big market competitor, being able to facilitate communication with Japanese enterprises is very important. So, you could find translator vacancies in numerous types of companies! Also, translator jobs in Japan usually pay around 489,000 JPY/month (=3,426.99  USD)! The offer widely depends on your education level […]

Window cleaner jobs in the UAE

Trying Window Cleaner Jobs in the UAE

Everywhere in the world, window cleaner jobs are available for motivated and hard-working professionals! In the UAE, the average salary for window cleaner jobs can go up to 2,301 AED/month, depending on location, tasks, and skills. Ensure the cleanliness of glass surfaces of residential buildings or commercial buildings in the UAE! However, you would generally […]

Garbage collector jobs in Canada

Trying Garbage Collector Jobs in Canada

There are numerous garbage collector jobs in Canada for punctual and responsible workers! As a garbage collector, you would drive specialized vehicles around neighborhoods and empty trash-bins mechanically.  Moreover, you would fulfill these tasks during specified time-frames. Of course, you would need a driver’s license. A specialized vehicle driver’s license may be required. Also, training […]

Excavator operator jobs in Saudi Arabia

Company Offering Excavator Operator Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi construction companies are looking for workers with the motivation and ability to operate heavy equipment efficiently and responsibly! So, sign up for excavator operator jobs in Saudi Arabia! Besides the mechanical abilities to operate heavy machinery,  you would need great stamina to work in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, communication and coordination skills are necessary […]

Electrician jobs in Canada

Trying Electrician Jobs in Canada

Around 5,000 openings for electrician jobs in Canada! Are you a certified electrician? Then read below and sign up now for electrician jobs in Canada. As an electrician, you would read technical drawings and specifications in order to install, repair, and maintain electrical systems. You can choose to work as an industrial electrician, power system electrician, […]

Caregiver jobs in Canada

Trying Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Available caregiver jobs in Canada! Many people living in Canada with various needs and disabilities are looking for dedicated and empathic personal caregivers who love helping others! Caregivers usually work in retirement homes and help with the administration of treatment and care plans. You must have exceptional interpersonal skills to communicate with the patients in […]

Massage therapist jobs in Japan

Trying Massage Therapist Jobs in Japan

If you are skilled and passionate about offering your services, apply for massage therapist jobs in Japan! Spa therapists can work in widely different sectors, from holiday resorts and spas to appointments in corporate offices. Of course, depending on your skills, you can offer treatments for relaxation, stress relief, and pain alleviation. Also, your interests […]

Construction worker jobs in Canada

Trying Construction Worker Jobs in Canada

Construction worker jobs in Canada are one of the most in-demand positions, with Canadian news sites reporting over 20,000 available construction jobs in Ontario only! As a construction worker, you would be cleaning and preparing construction sites using heavy machinery. More precisely, you would un/load materials, remove debris, as well as take part in building […]

Truck driver jobs in Australia

Trying Truck Driver Jobs in Australia

Australia’s trucking business is becoming increasingly popular! If you have the right certifications, get connected to truck driver jobs in Australia! Depending on the distance, an interstate truck driver can earn as much as $69,609.28 annually! Otherwise, the average salary as a truck driver in Australia is around $22.39 per hour, making $43,649.77 per year! […]