Rig manager jobs in Australia

If you’re a qualified and experienced rig drill worker with great managerial skills, sign up for rig manager jobs in Australia! You would monitor the work progress, give instructions and ensure the smooth-running of equipment and operations according to health and safety standards. You would also ensure the necessary materials and keep track of stock. Moreover, as a manager, you would hire workers, provide training, and perform inspections. Experience as a rig driller worker is important as you would also assist the workers when necessary.

Rig manager jobs in Australia offer between 110,000-120,000 AUD/year (=72,144-78,749 USD), on average. The offer depends on your qualifications and experience. Other benefits – such as accommodation or transportation – may be included.

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  • High school/vocational degree
  • Valid BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) may be required
  • Well Control Certificate
  • Work experience in the oil and gas industry in a similar position
  • Experience on land rigs of up to 3000 HP
  • Excellent supervising and directional skills
  • Excellent, efficient communication skills
  • Willingness to work in adverse environments
  • Practical, mathematical and technical skills
  • Rigorous knowledge of health and safety practices
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and reflexes when dealing with emergencies
  • Ability to work flexible hours


  • Manage daily operations, monitor work progress on-site
  • Manages and assists at setting up equipment
  • Coordinates the mixing and circulation of drilling mut to control downhole pressures
  • Instruct installations (blow out preventer)
  • Ensures oil and gas well cementing meets operational needs
  • Ensure the necessary equipment, materials, as well as resources
  • Manages supplies and communicates shortages to the senior drilling supervisor
  • Select, hire, manage workers and ensure proper training
  • Plan shift rotations and schedules
  • Manage issues and emergencies on-site
  • Ensure working under health and safety regulations and that the workers wear the right equipment
  • Ensure the completion of rig inspections
  • Assist team members with the effective running of the rig gas

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