Why join the best recruitment platform in the world for jobs abroad?

You can easily get jobs abroad all over the world on the first video-based recruitment platform. The platform will teach you to present yourself while millions of employers will see you.

Here is the chance to present your skills in a video and get the trust of employers in just 2-3 minutes. Your dream jobs abroad are just a few clicks away. Join the largest community of international workers ready to connect with global employers.


Advantages when seeking jobs abroad

Forget about hundreds or thousands of US Dollars fees paid to different agencies for finding jobs abroad. You have direct communication with employers who send you job offers and total transparency. The best video-based recruitment platform worldwide for jobs abroad offers you thousands of opportunities.

Millions of companies desperate to hire workers like you will see your CV. You can promote yourself by specific country and skills everywhere in the world.

Access unlimited job opportunities. With a single click your CV and demo video will reach the employers’ inboxes.

Fantastic cv generator, simple, clear, complete, and attractive for employers. Guidance every step on your way to your dream jobs abroad.

Apply to more jobs with dedicated CVs and videos. If you wish to apply for several jobs, like driver, dishwasher, cook helper, or farm worker, for example, you will be able to use several CVs based on your skills.

Candidates roadmap

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Apply for jobs wherever you desire, or get job offers from countries that you want to work in

Direct Communication with Employers

Take interviews directly with the employers


After you get a work visa, you can now travel and start a new adventure abroad

Key features for finding jobs abroad


Present yourself and how you work in a video to replace the traditional working trail for jobs abroad.


Generate your professionally design CV, with guidance for each step, to land your job abroad.


The number of jobs abroad offers you receive depends on the quality of your skills video.


Countless opportunities of jobs abroad. The platform attracts employers from all the countries you are interested to work in.


Employers send you jobs abroad offers directly and, if you agree, you communicate with them without intermediaries.


Access to all companies worldwide. Fair treatment and equal opportunities to both skilled and unskilled candidates.

 Use demo videos to find jobs abroad


Employers get the chance to see you, how you speak, how you present yourself, if you smile if you know English and have an accent.

These are all important aspects when seeking a job abroad!


When you apply for jobs abroad you may be limited by distance and costs to have a proper working tail.

The demo video, if made according to the recommendations, will replace this and opens up new opportunities.


What employers see is what they get. A good video gives you the chance to be selected faster and better negotiate your working conditions and benefits.

Step by step
A complete guide

A complete tutorial on how to create your account and create your first job position. Say hello to a world of opportunities. Land your dream jobs abroad!

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Promote your CVs

Get in front of other people in employer searches and headhunting when you apply for a certain job opening. With this, you have the power to boost your CV visibility in countries of your choice.


/ job position / country / 30 days

You can promote yourself in the desired countries or areas all around the globe.

You can apply for as many promotions as you like for better chances to secure your dream jobs abroad.


  • Premium position in employer searches
  • 300% more visibility for your CV
  • Choose what job position you want to boost
  • Choose one or many countries to be promoted in

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“Big congrats on the launch of this overseas work platform. Much needed and appreciated—I’ll be saving $3,000 at least. Loving the valuable tips on presenting myself to employers too.”

Mandari Kumari

Hotel receptionist, Sri Lanka

“I love it, the CV is great, and I am still working on the demo video, but I feel like I will totally make it good. When applying for work abroad you never know what will happen but with you the risks are minimal.”

Giorgi Kharshiladze

Auto Mechanic, Georgia

“It is good that somebody is offering a safe alternative to find a job in Europe. Everything is explained very well and I will follow all the recommendations to have a strong profile. It is for the first time that I understand how the professional demo video has to be made to be chosen by the employers.”

Supachai Suthipong

Waiter, Thailand

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