Hiring international workers can be the answer to personnel challenges. This decision comes after tens of failures to employ or to keep the local employees. The productivity of the company, as well as the profitability, are at risk. We are all experiencing the effects of globalization, and hiring international workers is one of its positive effects. The process can vary from one country to another, depending on the national policies. The results are almost always the same: increased productivity, overall profitability, and, business continuity.

International workers collaborating

You can use a shortcut by posting a job listing

How To Hire With VideoWorkers

First, make a company account on VideoWorkers. This will give you access to an international database of candidates eager to find new workplaces. Consider this your first step to hiring international workers successfully. All candidates on the platform have CVs and a professional skills video in which they show their working abilities. The video is the easiest way to see how handy or how much experience a person has in his activity. The skills video replaces the working trial and shows how good and fast a candidate is at his/her job. Also, the attitude of the candidate and the level of English are easy to see in the video. If you need assistance in the recruitment process, contact us.

Second, you can search for the needed workers in the database of the platform, according to job, experience level, skills, demanded salary, or other criteria. To start discussions with candidates that suit your demands, send them a job offer with all the details of your vacancy.

Third, the candidate evaluates your job details and accepts and you continue the recruitment process. If the candidate rejects the offer, you can improve the benefits in terms of salary, documents, travel expenses, or others.

Fourth, establish a video interview to communicate live, as in a face-to-face meeting. We highly recommend the video interview to settle any questions from both candidates and company sides. During this interview, you can ask for an additional video in which the candidate makes exactly what you ask for.

You can use a shortcut by posting a job listing
Fifth, we recommend you post a standard job listing with requirements and benefits so that workers can apply directly. The job listing will ease communication with the workers and will decrease the job offer rejection percentage. You have 1 free-of-charge standard job listing per month. Jumping from step 1 to step 5, can ease even more the process of hiring international workers.

Sixth, you select your favorite candidates from those who applied and send them customized or standard job offers. From here you follow the instructions from step 3.

Seventh, agree on all aspects of the job with the selected candidates and start the legal procedure. Depending on the country in which you hire international workers you can get info on the labor documents or ask for further assistance.

Why hiring international workers can scare some companies?

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