Our Mission

VideoWorkers is a completely innovative recruitment platform featuring foreign jobs and international employment opportunities for global professionals. The mission of VideoWorkers is to facilitate the connection between candidates and companies all over the world. Whether individuals are highly skilled professionals, entry-level workers, seasonal staff, or dedicated volunteers, our platform provides a pathway for everyone. We take pride in our commitment to reducing recruitment costs for both candidates and companies alike, fostering direct connections among all parties involved.

Values we Treasure

at VideoWorkers, the Best Recruitment Platform for Foreign Jobs


Transparency is at the core of VideoWorkers. We believe in displaying all information and data openly, ensuring accessibility to everyone. There are no hidden costs for our services. Our platform is straightforward and available for use by all, without any undisclosed requirements.


We like to communicate in a simple and direct way so that any person can instantly understand our messages. No big words, no empty corporate phrases. We focus solely on delivering essential, easy-to-understand information on our website and social media community.


At VideoWorkers, we warmly welcome and support all candidates aged 18-65 who are interested in exploring opportunities for foreign jobs. Likewise, we welcome companies from all industries, provided their hiring intentions are genuine and their activities are lawful.

Value The Human Life

We unequivocally reject any attempts at human trafficking and illegal activities, as stated in our Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Commitment. We strongly oppose any form of mistreatment towards workers. Should we become aware of any such activities, we promptly notify the relevant authorities.


Safety is a top priority at VideoWorkers. The platform serves as a secure space for candidates and companies alike. By providing authentic information and videos on the platform, candidates significantly increase their chances of finding foreign jobs quickly. Additionally, we vet all companies before activating their accounts, ensuring that all job offers and announcements are genuine.