We take pride in VideoWorkers being the best recruitment platform in the world, connecting job seekers and employers worldwide. Accessible to candidates aged 18 and above, as well as global employers, the platform has revolutionized the recruitment industry. The entire process, including job trials, can be made online, with no need for physical meetings. This also applies to skilled workers such as carpenters, plumbers, wall painters, etc.

VideoWorkers provides a direct link to a large pool of global job seekers. The platform streamlines the hiring process by connecting you directly with skilled candidates. One standout feature is our demo skill videos, providing a unique insight into candidates’ capabilities. It’s an effective and efficient solution for identifying and connecting with the ideal talent for your team.

VideoWorkers offers access to an unlimited number of global candidates for skilled or unskilled jobs. Each candidate presents their professional skills through a demo video which can be viewed together with the CV. The candidate profiles also include details about the benefits expected by each candidate, facilitating transparent negotiations. For example, if you want to employ shipyard welders in France, you will find on the platform candidates with the needed skills, experience, and willingness to come to work in France, along with their job-related demands.

There are two ways in which an employer can start the recruitment process.

The first option is to post a job announcement for the position that needs to be filled. All candidates on the platform can see this announcement. However, only candidates with experience that aligns with the job requirements will be allowed to apply. Subsequently, you can make the selection from a pool of relevant workers.

The second option is to search among the candidates on the platform and select those who best meet your requirements.

Whether opting for the first or second choice, the employer extends a job offer to the chosen candidates, outlining all the pertinent job details.

Upon acceptance of the offer, direct communication begins. Employers may request an additional demo video and conduct a thorough job interview. If all requirements are met by both parties after the interview, the preparation of labor documents can begin.

If the candidate declines the offer, they must give a reason. If the employer can adjust the offer based on the candidate’s demands, a new offer can be sent, initiating direct communication.

Any company can use the platform free of charge and is entitled to unlimited job announcements for the first 3 months. After the 3 months free trial ends, one job announcement remains free. For additional simultaneous announcements, companies can buy extra slots at $69 per month per standard job announcement or opt for unlimited announcements at $399 per year. Promoting a job announcement for more visibility costs $129 per month while promoting five job announcements is available at $299 per month.

A standard job announcement provides visibility in the chronologically ordered job list. It is also displayed on your company page and is recommended to candidates meeting your experience and location criteria. Employers receive notifications when qualified candidates apply.

A promoted job announcement places the post in the top 3/5 positions of the chronologically ordered list. Additionally, the job ad is included in weekly newsletters sent to matching candidates and is integrated into the communication flow of our social media channels.

Yes. VideoWorkers accommodates both on-site and remote job postings, providing flexibility for companies with diverse staffing needs.

VideoWorkers is open to candidates aged 18-65. However, you have the option to set age requirements for specific job positions based on your needs and preferences.

To better assess candidates, you can request demo skill videos based on your specific needs. There’s no fixed limit, allowing flexibility in the hiring process.

Uploading company papers is required for the safety of all VideoWorkers users. We want to make sure that no fake accounts will exist on the platform. That’s why we are constantly making security checks. All companies that register on the platform need to provide copies of their registration documents to activate their accounts. These documents may vary from one country to another. After the validity of the company is verified through these papers, the company will enjoy unlimited access to the platform.

The platform is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. This makes it accessible to anyone, not just recruiters or human resources professionals. However, if you still need assistance with the recruitment process, you can request support by emailing us at support@videoworkers.com

Currently, we provide employment-related information for high-demand countries. Please refer to the Immigration Information and Legal Articles sections for details. For countries not currently covered and custom assistance, kindly reach out to us at support@videoworkers.com.

If a candidate declines a job offer, they are required to specify whether the decision is based on salary, benefits, or job type. If they declined a job offer based on one of these reasons, you can send a revised offer addressing the highlighted concerns. If the candidate rejects the job offer due to other reasons, the next step would be to choose a new candidate who better aligns with the job requirements and benefits.

For each company that joins the platform, the validation of these documents can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 96 hours. This depends on the number of demands received or if further checking is needed. During public holidays, the timeframe may be extended further. If the validation process exceeds the specified duration, kindly report the issue by emailing us at support@videoworkers.com.

Yes, you have the option to view the complete demo skill video of a candidate before deciding to initiate contact. This feature was specifically designed to facilitate better decision-making in the recruitment process.