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English teacher jobs in Korea

Over 1,000 English teacher jobs are available in Korea! You can work in any sector [...]

Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia

There are many tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia available for people looking to relocate abroad! Develop [...]

Electrical engineer jobs Singapore

Electrical engineer jobs in Singapore are open for qualified professionals looking to relocate! With a [...]

Bricklayer jobs in UK

Construction businesses are looking for hard-working individuals ready to take up bricklayer jobs in the [...]

Pharmacist jobs in Dubai

There are currently over 5,000 job openings for pharmacist jobs in Dubai! A pharmacist mainly [...]

Gardener jobs in France

Workers with a passion for plants and landscaping are welcome to upload their applications and [...]

Nanny jobs in UK

Families in the UK are looking for incredibly responsible and kind nannies to provide excellent [...]

Chef jobs in Australia

Do you get a sense of satisfaction when people eat your delicious food? Have you [...]

Cleaner jobs in Malta

Offer your services as a reliable and detail-oriented worker and sign up for cleaner jobs [...]

Cashier jobs in Canada

Thousands of open vacancies for cashier jobs in Canada! Most businesses require a cashier, so [...]

Kitchen helper jobs in Italy

Open kitchen helper jobs in Italy! Businesses are looking for hard-working individuals with a strong [...]

Welding jobs in Sweden

There are thousands of available welding jobs in Sweden for skilled workers! Welders are a [...]

Excavator jobs in Singapore

Available excavator jobs in Singapore for experienced professionals looking for better opportunities! Read more and [...]

Hairdresser jobs in Dubai

Salons in Dubai are popular all year round, so hairdressers are always in demand! If [...]

Cashier jobs in UAE

Cashier jobs in the UAE are open for skilled workers who want to relocate! The [...]

Nail technician jobs in UK

Nail technician jobs are becoming more popular than ever! Create artistic, fashionable nail pieces according [...]

Housekeeping jobs in Canada

Housekeeping is always in demand! There are thousands of housekeeping jobs in Canada available for [...]

Farm worker jobs UK

Farm worker jobs in the UK are available throughout the year, but especially during harvesting [...]

Kitchen helper jobs in Canada

Available kitchen helper jobs in Canada for workers looking for better opportunities abroad! You can [...]

Delivery jobs UK

Looking for better job opportunities abroad? Sign up for delivery jobs in UK on VideoWorkers! [...]

Forklift operator jobs in Canada

If you’ve got a forklift license and are looking for jobs abroad for better opportunities, [...]

Social worker jobs in Australia

Social workers are always in demand, as they are crucial to many areas of the [...]

Call center jobs USA

Thousand of available call center jobs in the USA! If you’re interested, simply show your [...]

Accountant jobs in Canada

Accountants are in high demand in Canada, especially in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec! [...]

Nurse jobs in Australia

Skilled foreign professionals are welcome to fill in the high demand for nurse jobs in [...]

Hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai

Show your amazing hospitality skills and connect to hotel receptionist jobs in Dubai! If you [...]

Optical technician jobs in Dubai

Optical technician jobs in Dubai are available to skilled workers looking for vacancies abroad! If [...]

Firefighter jobs in Canada

New openings for firefighter jobs in Canada! As first responders, firefighters need to be exceptional [...]

Safety manager jobs Canada

With the right set of skills, you can apply for safety manager jobs in Canada! [...]

Construction worker jobs Singapore

Singapore offers construction worker jobs for skilled workers looking for better opportunities! The general tasks [...]

Beekeeper jobs in Australia

As a beekeeper, you would have to manage beehives and properly care for bees and [...]

Power lineman jobs in Canada

Available power lineman jobs in Canada! A power lineman (or a lineworker) installs, connects, and [...]

Boilermaker jobs in Australia

Qualified boilermakers are always in demand in Australia! For boilermaker jobs in Australia, an important [...]

Textile jobs in Germany

Are you looking for better offers abroad for jobs in the textile industry? Then sign [...]

Nail technician jobs Canada

Because of social media, nail artists are more popular than ever! If you have the [...]

Hairdresser jobs in Canada

If you are a skilled and qualified hairdresser, sign up for hairdresser jobs in Canada! [...]

Drywall jobs in Canada

There are over 10,000 openings for drywall installer jobs in Canada! In this role, you [...]

Sheet metal worker jobs Australia

Skilled metal workers are in high demand in Australia! At sheet metal worker jobs Australia, [...]

Roofing jobs in Canada

Companies in Canada are looking for experienced roofers to execute projects all over the country! [...]

Computer programming jobs in Canada

Computer programming is one of the most in-demand professions everywhere in the world! If you [...]

Fisherman jobs in Canada

Foreign fishermen make up a big part of the Canadian fishing industry. At the moment, [...]

Software engineer jobs Canada

Software engineers are in high demand in Canada and there are thousands of job opportunities [...]

Anesthetist jobs in Dubai

Medical staff is always needed! Public and private medical centers in Dubai are looking for [...]

Solar installer jobs Australia

Sign up for solar installer jobs in Australia! If you’ve got the understanding and skills [...]

IT technician jobs in Dubai

UAE companies in Dubai are hiring competent IT technicians to respond to any IT-related queries [...]

E-commerce jobs in Singapore

Companies are looking for professional e-commerce specialists to increase company’s revenue! There is a big [...]

Customer service representative jobs in Canada

Numerous opportunities for customer service representative jobs in Canada! In this position, you can work [...]

Postal jobs in Australia

Open vacancies for postal jobs in Australia! You can take up numerous positions in the [...]

Laundry jobs in Canada

Canadian laundry businesses are looking for responsible and customer-oriented staff to join the team! At [...]

Tractor driver jobs Canada

Skilled agricultural drivers are welcome to apply for tractor driver jobs in Canada! Tractor drivers [...]

Barber jobs in Dubai

If you can provide an excellent barber experience, sign up for barber jobs in Dubai! [...]

Housekeeping jobs UK

Housekeeping jobs available in the UK! Busy home owners are looking for trustworthy and responsible [...]

Food delivery jobs in Australia

Delivery riders are becoming increasingly popular all over the world! Sign up for food delivery [...]

Taxi driver jobs in UAE

If you can drive safely and efficiently and possess good interpersonal skills, sign up now [...]

Food factory worker jobs Canada

Thousands of available food factory worker jobs in Canada! Ensure the production processes of food [...]

Glazing jobs in Australia

There is a high demand to fill numerous available glazing jobs in Australia! A glazier [...]

Tile mason jobs in Canada

Companies are actively hiring for tile mason jobs in Canada to overcome their labor shortages! [...]

Wall painter jobs in Qatar

Looking for wall painter jobs abroad? You’ve found the right place – sign up for [...]

Machinist jobs in Canada

Sign up for machinist jobs in Canada! Produce precision metal parts according to technical drawings, [...]

Lathe machine operator jobs in Canada

Lathe machine operator jobs available in Canada! Lathe operators process raw materials into parts and [...]

Rig manager jobs in Australia

If you’re a qualified and experienced rig drill worker with great managerial skills, sign up [...]

Medical secretary jobs in Australia

Ensure the smooth running of the medical offices at one of the many available medical [...]

Civil site engineer jobs in Singapore

Open vacancies for civil site engineer jobs in Singapore! In this position, you would manage [...]

Company secretary jobs in Australia

Company secretary jobs available in Australia! Generally, as a company secretary, you would perform administrative [...]

Signal maintainer jobs in Canada

Signal maintainer jobs in Canada are available for dedicated workers! In this position, you would [...]

Driller jobs in Canada

Drillers are in big demand in Canada! Drillers set up, operate, and maintain the equipment for [...]

Makeup artist jobs in UK

Makeup artists are more popular than ever! Show your impressive skills on VideoWorkers and connect [...]

Car Wash jobs in Canada

If you are responsible, detail-oriented, and have good customer service skills, sign up for car [...]

Mechanical engineering jobs in Canada

The rise of automation has created a high demand for mechanical engineering jobs in Canada! [...]

Civil engineer jobs in Australia

Construction firms are in big demand for skilled workers to take up civil engineer jobs [...]

Audiologist jobs in Canada

Due to the aging population and the increased hearing problems of the younger population, there [...]

Paramedic jobs in the UK

The UK is offering paramedic jobs for dedicated and skilled medical professionals to promptly respond [...]

Forester jobs in Australia

Forester jobs are on Australia’s list of most in-demand occupations. Because of this, if you [...]

Poultry farm jobs in Canada

If you’re looking for farm job opportunities, you’ve found it! Sign up for poultry farm [...]

Tour guide jobs in Egypt

If you have a positive and lively personality with a huge passion for history and [...]

Dental assistant jobs in Canada

Help with quality procedures and treatments and sign up for dental assistant jobs in Canada! [...]

Dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia

Offer quality procedures and treatments and sign up for dentist jobs in Saudi Arabia! As [...]

Radiologist jobs in Saudi Arabia

Offer medical services at radiologist jobs available in Saudi Arabia! On average, radiologist jobs in [...]

Veterinary jobs in Dubai

Veterinary jobs available in Dubai! Consult and treat disease and injuries of animals, perform surgery, [...]

Translator jobs in Japan

Companies are actively offering translator jobs in Japan! As a big market competitor, being able [...]

Bus driver jobs Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is looking for responsible and hospitable workers to take up bus driver jobs!  [...]

Window cleaner jobs in the UAE

Everywhere in the world, window cleaner jobs are available for motivated and hard-working professionals! In [...]

Garbage collector jobs in Canada

There are numerous garbage collector jobs in Canada for punctual and responsible workers! As a [...]

Street cleaner jobs in Australia

Australia is looking for motivated workers to take up street cleaner jobs! So, if you’re [...]

Security guard jobs in Dubai

As UAE’s most popular and vibrant city, Dubai is in big demand for security guards! [...]

Nurse jobs in Singapore

Singapore is actively looking for foreign nurses to assist other medical professionals in public health [...]

Plasterer jobs UK

Companies are in high demand for skilled plasterer jobs in the UK! Plasterers are in [...]

Bartender jobs in Canada

Thousands of bartender jobs are available in Canada! If you have great customer service skills and [...]

Butcher jobs UK

Numerous butcher jobs open in the UK! UK businesses are looking for skilled butchers to [...]

Carpenter jobs in Canada

There are over 10,000 open carpenter jobs in Canada! If you’re a skilled worker looking [...]

Production worker jobs in South Korea

Sign up for production worker jobs in South Korea! The country is actively hiring factory [...]

Chef jobs in the UK

Are you a food lover passionate about executing incredibly delicious dishes? Sign up for chef [...]

Waiter jobs in Spain

Waiter jobs in Spain are a popular choice for people looking for flexible schedules, part-time [...]

Waiter jobs in Malta

Find seasonal or permanent positions through waiter jobs in Malta! Work in beautiful locations and [...]

Excavator operator jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi construction companies are looking for workers with the motivation and ability to operate heavy [...]

Electrician jobs in Canada

Around 5,000 openings for electrician jobs in Canada! Are you a certified electrician? Then read [...]

Plumber jobs in Australia

Did you know there are thousands of opportunities for plumber jobs in Australia? As most [...]

Plumber jobs in Canada

Available plumber jobs in Canada – data estimates that 12,000 plumber jobs in Canada are [...]

Caregiver jobs in Canada

Available caregiver jobs in Canada! Many people living in Canada with various needs and disabilities [...]

Gardener jobs in the USA

Are you a crafty worker with a passion for plants and landscaping? Then don’t miss [...]

Cleaner jobs in Australia

From holiday resorts to companies, schools, and town halls, there are numerous available cleaner jobs [...]

Massage therapist jobs in Japan

If you are skilled and passionate about offering your services, apply for massage therapist jobs [...]

Wine jobs in Italy

Passionate, earth-loving, and qualified workers are welcome to sign up on VideoWorkers for the many wine [...]

Farm jobs Australia

Motivated and skilled workers are welcome to apply for the numerous farm jobs in Australia! [...]

Construction worker jobs in Canada

Construction worker jobs in Canada are one of the most in-demand positions, with Canadian news [...]

Welder jobs in Canada

Sign up for welder jobs in Canada! Canadian public data shows that the country is [...]

Truck driver jobs in UK

Truck driver jobs in UK are open to thousands of skilled workers!  Truck drivers play [...]

Truck driver jobs in Australia

Australia’s trucking business is becoming increasingly popular! If you have the right certifications, get connected [...]

Welder jobs in Poland

Welder jobs in Poland are popular and in demand! Employers have attractive offers for novice [...]