Housekeeping jobs available in the UK! Busy home owners are looking for trustworthy and responsible workers to keep their homes clean and tidy!

On top of these attributes, housekeeping jobs in the UK require motivation, stamina, and basic English skills to ensure good communication with your clients!

The salary depends on the type of cleaning duties you need to perform as well as the workload. Usually, it also depends on the city you work in, as well as your working experience and seniority. Type of employment is also an important factor – you could be an employee for cleaning businesses or work as a contractor.

Because of so many factors, we are unable to give an exact salary approximation. However, the minimum wage in the UK for people older than 23 is 10.42 GBP/hour and the offer could include housing and transportation.

If you are:

  • Motivated and responsible
  • Experienced with professional cleaning (preferred)
  • Detail-oriented and persistent
  • Able to read basic instructions
  • A good listener and good communicator
  • Good at following instructions and schedules
  • Proactive and driven by initiative
  • Physically fit to move for the entirety of your shift
  • Respectful, trustworthy and responsible with other people’s environment and objects

…Then sign up for housekeeping jobs in the UK!

General responsibilities:

  • Interior (and possibly exterior) cleaning
  • Deep clean the house, following the job requirements
  • Work with the appropriate cleaning chemicals, wearing the required equipment
  • Vacuum, mop floors, clean and dust surface areas
  • Remove and empty trash and any other specifications requested by the home owner
  • Change beds, wash dishes, do laundry
  • Respect the organization of items in the house
  • Respect the house owner’s personal/intimate space
  • Report any issues to the home owner
  • Perform other specific house-keeping tasks assigned by the client

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