VideoWorkers is an innovative recruitment platform that connects candidates of all skill levels and backgrounds to companies worldwide. What sets VideoWorkers apart from other recruiting platforms is its unique feature that enables candidates to showcase their skills through short demo videos.This approach offers employers valuable insights into the genuine abilities of candidates, streamlining the process for job seekers to discover career opportunities that align perfectly with their true skills.

This is the most common question we get. The platform operated as follows:

  • To get started, the candidate enters the platform and creates a profile. They fill out a detailed CV, add a profile picture, and, most importantly, include a professional demo video showcasing their skills. Guidance is provided at every step of the way.
  • Following that, the candidate selects the job or jobs they’re interested in applying for, so employers can find them. 
  • Next, they need to select the country they want to work in.
  • With these selections made, the candidate’s profile is now configured and visible in the specified countries and for the chosen job or jobs. From this point onward, the platform takes over and handles the rest.
  • Moreover, the candidate has the option to apply for jobs based on their selected preferences.

There are two ways in which employers can operate on the platform.

1. Searching for Candidates: Employers actively look for candidates by specifying the job and country criteria. For instance, a farmer applying for a job in France will be visible to all employers searching for farmers in France. Similarly, a truck driver applying for a position in Canada will be seen by employers seeking truck drivers in Canada.

2. Posting Job Announcements: Employers can also post job announcements on the platform. Candidates who have selected the same job and country can apply for these positions.

Once candidates express interest, employers send job offers detailing the job’s activities, salary, requirements, and other benefits. This marks the beginning of direct communication between the employer and the candidate.

The platform was designed to reduce costs for both candidates and employers, but there are some operational expenses that need to be covered. Candidates are required to pay a 3-month subscription fee. 

For the initial 3 months, everyone enjoys a promotional price of $9.99. After the promotional period, the cost is $27 per month, paid upfront every 3 months. This fee covers the selection of one job position globally or for a specific region. Additionally, candidates applying for different job positions will incur extra charges. Different costs apply for visibility in specific countries, as outlined in our Pricing Plan.

The subscription plan can be canceled at any time, and services will be deactivated when the upfront paid period ends. Candidates can deactivate their accounts on the platform once they secure their desired job and reactivate their profiles whenever they wish to change employers.

That depends on the candidate. It could be just one. If you excel at your job, a single video showcasing your skills might be all it takes. By following the recommendations on the platform and our social media accounts, you’ll learn how to create an effective video. A well-made video can lead to quick selections, but if your video isn’t up to par, you might not get noticed. In that case, don’t worry – just refine your video and upload it again to boost your chances.

Currently, the VideoWorkers team is complete. However, on the platform, employers can post any job they have, whether on-site or remote. You have the option to indicate your preferred work arrangement in your profile and apply to different job announcements. Alternatively, you can propose your preference to the employer once you receive job offers.

To secure work from home, you need to start by registering your profile and creating a compelling professional demo video. Following that, you need to apply for relevant job announcements or wait to be selected by employers browsing the platform. Once you receive job offers, you can engage with the employers and inquire about the possibility of working remotely.

The VideoWorkers business operates digitally and online, making it accessible from anywhere in the world. Currently, we’ve developed and built the platform in Europe, utilizing servers not only in Europe but also in New Zealand, the USA, Singapore, China, India, and various other countries across the globe.

Simply upload it to your platform account – no need to send it anywhere else.

Once you’ve set up your profile – complete with your CV and video – you have two options. You can either wait to be directly selected by employers on the platform who are seeking your specific skills, experience, and preferences. This involves receiving job offers and initiating communication with the employer. Alternatively, you can proactively apply to job announcements and wait to be selected and contacted by employers.

VideoWorkers welcomes employers from all industries to actively engage on our platform. We are open to facilitating connections for any legal activities.

As we are committed to providing a safe and legal work environment for all candidates, we thoroughly vet every employer that joins the platform. However, if you feel that the employer or the position is questionable, please contact us at Your feedback is crucial to us, and we take such concerns seriously.

You can apply for multiple job positions based on your qualifications and preferences. There’s no restriction on the number of applications.

Simply create your profile, specify your job preferences, and choose Canada for visibility. This way, your profile becomes visible to all employers seeking qualifications like yours in Canada. You can also proactively apply to job announcements specifically for your desired position in Canada.

VideoWorkers is open to candidates aged 18-65. Additionally, we’ve introduced a special option for individuals aged 55 and above, which you’ll find during the registration process. Note, however, that employers can set different age limits for the vacancies they post. They have the flexibility to decide the specific requirements for the positions they are offering.

The ones setting any other age limits are the employers. So, is up to them to decide the demands for the job openings that they are posting.

Making your professional skills demo video is simple. Just be yourself and show employers how you work. For detailed guidance on how to create your demo video, you can refer to our social media posts or articles created to help candidates. However, if you need further assistance, feel free to ask our virtual assistant for help or reach out to us in the support section.

Kindly use our contact form to report this issue, and a member of the VideoWorkers team will get in touch with you.

You can upload your video directly on the platform, and your profile will be activated once you’ve paid the subscription fee.

Feel free to reach out by using the contact form to report this issue, and a member of the VideoWorkers team will get in touch with you.

Just let us know through the contact form, and someone from VideoWorkers will reach out to you.

While we encourage employers to expedite the review of applications, VideoWorkers has no influence over the response time of individual employers. The timeframe for employers to send responses to candidates is entirely at their discretion. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that every employer will provide candidates with feedback on their applications, be it positive or negative.

At VideoWorkers, the primary focus is on connecting candidates with employers. Nevertheless, we are committed to creating a collaborative community. That’s why we invite all candidates to join VideoWorkers on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and YouTube to share inquiries and interact with other members of our community.