➢ In Argentina, immigration procedures differ depending on the worker’s nationality

➢ Citizens of Mercosur and associated states (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Suriname, and Ecuador) can obtain temporary residence without the requirement of sponsorship from a local company. For these citizens, you don’t need to apply for an entry permit 

➢ Non-Mercosur citizens need an entry permit, as will be explained in the steps below

➢ You must register your company with the National Immigrant Sponsors Registrar (Registro Nacional Único de Requirentes Extranjeros or RNURE). This registration enables you to employ non-Mercosur workers

➢ To complete the registration, you must submit the supporting documents to the following email address: requirentes@migraciones.gob.ar

➢ Required documents: 

  • Company legal address
  • Registration number with the Legal Entities Register
  • CUIT number (Tax Identification Code)
  • Registered address of the legal entity (must be in the same jurisdiction as the legal address)
  • Registered email address of the legal entity
  • Business activity and reason for the registration request (specify the AFIP activity code)
  • Address where the foreign worker will provide services
  • Contact information (phone/email)

➢ Application fee: Free of charge

➢ Post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview, make a job offer, then sign an employment contract

➢ When hiring foreign workers from outside of Mercosur, you must file a request for an entry permit with the DNM. This allows foreigners to obtain temporary residence in Argentina

➢ Required documents: 

  • Worker’s valid passport 
  • Argentine criminal record incorporated into the RaDEX
  • Criminal record from the country of origin. The certificate must have the Apostille of the Hague Convention or be endorsed by the Argentine Consular Authority
  • Proof of accommodation in Argentina 
  • Employment contract signed by both parties. The contract must include the CUIT number of the employer as well as information concerning the remuneration and tasks that will be performed by the worker
  • Proof of employer’s registration with the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP)
  • Proof of employer’s registration with RNURE
  • If required: proof of academic and professional qualifications
  • Any additional documents required by DNM

➢ Application fee: AR $ 6,000

➢ Processing time: 45 days on average

➢ Once approved, the entry permit will be dispatched to the Consular Office of the Argentine Republic in the home country of your future employee. Then, your future employee must apply for a work visa

➢ Required documents: 

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entering the country. The passport must have at least two blank pages
  • Two photographs of 4X4 cm 
  • Visa application form fully completed and signed
  • Legalized or apostilled criminal record. The criminal record must be obtained from each country where the applicant has resided for more than one year over the previous three years
  • Commitment to tell the truth or a sworn affidavit confirming the absence of a criminal record in foreign countries. This document must be signed in the presence of the Consul
  • Work contract signed by the employer. The contract must include the company’s registration number with RNURE. The signature of the company’s representative needs to be notarized by an Argentine Notary Public and the corresponding Association of Notaries Public. The visa applicant must sign the contract in the presence of the Consul. When submitting an employment contract, a consular fee of $60 USD may apply for certifying the employee’s signature
  • Proof of paid migration fee
  • Proof of address within the jurisdiction of the consulate (e.g., ID card showing applicant’s address, utility bill, etc.) 
  • Any additional documents required by the Consulate 

➢ Application fee: 250 US dollars or euros, depending on the country where the Consulate is located

➢Processing time: 7-10 working days on average. In some cases, the processing time may take up to 45 days

➢Upon entering Argentina, foreign workers must acquire their national ID document (Documento Nacional de Identidad or DNI) and request a Unique Labor Identification Code (Código Unico de Identificación Laboral or CUIL) from the National Social Security Administration (Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social or ANSES)

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