◦ The activity that the worker will carry out in the company is included in the list of occupations of difficult coverage

◦ You can demonstrate the existence of a situation specified in Article 40 Organic Law 4/2000 on the Rights and Freedoms of Foreigners in Spain

◦ For non-hard-to-fill positions, you must prove you couldn’t find local workers by posting a job offer on the Empléate portal and the Public Employment Service (except for workers from Chile and Peru, who are exempt from this requirement)

➢ Post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview and make a job offer, then sign an employment contract

➢ You can submit the work permit application:

◦ Directly to the local Immigration Office

◦ Vía the platform Mercurio

◦ For large companies with more than 500 employees: to the Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Groups

➢ Required documents:

◦ Spain work permit application form (EX03 – Solicitud de Autorización de Residencia Temporal y Trabajo por Cuenta Ajena)

◦ Employee’s passport copy

◦ Employee’s professional qualifications

◦ Copy of the Company’s Tax Identification Number (NIF)

◦ Copy of the duly registered deed of incorporation

◦ Document confirming the legal authorization of the applicant to represent the company

◦ Copy of the Tax Identification Number (NIF) or Foreigner Identity Number (NIE). Alternatively, you can give your consent to verify your data through the Identity and Residence Data Verification System

◦ Signed work contract

◦ Documents showing your compliance with the requirements for hiring foreign workers in Spain 

➢ Application fee: 203,84 €

➢ Processing time: Up to 3 months

➢ Your future employee must submit the application for a work visa to the competent Diplomatic Mission 

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Spain National Visa application form 

◦Valid passport

◦ At least two 35 X 45 mm photos

◦ Copy of the work permit (Autorización de Residencia y Trabajo por Cuenta Ajena)

◦ Employment contract bearing the stamp of the Immigration Office.

◦ Police clearance not older than 3 months

◦ Health certificate not older than 3 months

◦ Proof of residency within the jurisdiction of the Embassy

➢ Application fee: € 80

➢ Processing time: Up to 3 months

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