➢ You must verify with the District Job Center for potential local candidates for the vacancy

➢ Exemptions from the labor market test requirement: certain professionals such as carpenters, welders, truck drivers, etc. (check the full list here)

➢ Post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview and make a job offer, then sign an employment contract

➢ You must apply for a work permit at the competent voivode

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Work permit application fully completed and signed

◦ Company agreement (if the company is a limited liability company or a civil partnership)

◦ Notarial deeds related to the establishment of the company (if the company is a joint-stock company)

◦ A copy of the worker’s passport, including copies of all pages with stamps and visas

◦ Labor market test issued not earlier than 180 days 

◦ Documents proving that the employee is qualified for the position

◦ Documents confirming an agreement between the employer and an employment agency (if an employment agency is the one assigning the work)

◦ Profit and loss statement

◦ Statement regarding specific circumstances mentioned in Article 88j(1)(3-7) of the Act on Employment Promotion and Labor Market Institutions

➢ Application fee: PLN 50 for a permit valid up to 3 months; PLN 100 for a permit valid for more than 3 months; PLN 200 for a work permit D

➢ Processing time: 6-12 weeks

➢ Your future employee must submit the application for a work visa to the competent Diplomatic Mission 

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Poland National Visa Application Form 

◦ At least two 3.5 X 4.5 mm photographs not older than 6 months

◦ Valid passport with at least two black pages

◦ Passport copy, including all pages that show stamps and visas

◦ ID document 

◦ Adequate medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30.000 EUR

◦ Documents proving sufficient means of subsistence (e.g., bank statements for the last 3-6 months)

◦ Proof of accommodation

◦ Flight reservation

◦ The original and a copy of the work permit

➢ Application fee: € 80

➢ Processing time: Up to 6 weeks

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