➢ If you’ve identified a skill gap that local workers can’t fill, you can explore international talent

➢ To do so, post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview and make a job offer, then sign a preliminary employment contract

➢ Your future employee can obtain a work and residence permit in a single application procedure. The application includes the application for an entry visa as well

➢ They must apply at the competent Hungarian Diplomatic Mission

➢ Only under specific circumstances, you can apply for a work and residence permit on behalf of your future employee via the online platform Enter Hungary. Visit this page to check if you meet the requirements to apply for a work and residence permit on behalf of your future employee

➢ As part of the application process, the employment authority in Hungary will conduct a labor market test to ensure that no local workers are available for the role 

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Application for Residence Permit and Appendix 9 (available on the website of the National Directorate General for Aliens Policing)

◦ Valid passport

◦ Passport-size picture not older than 3 months 

◦ Preliminary work contract

◦ Proof of sufficient means of subsistence (e.g., bank accounts, income certificates, etc.)

◦ Proof of accommodation in Hungary

◦ Adequate health insurance

◦ Documents showing the conditions of exit (valid passport or valid ticket for departure)

◦ Degree or qualification certificate

➢ In some cases, the documents may need to be translated into Hungarian and attested by OFFI, the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation

➢ Application fee: € 110

➢ Processing time: 70 days

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