There are many tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia available for people looking to relocate abroad! Develop your skills by following customer specifications to alter, repair, or even design clothes!

Tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia range between 2,880 SAR  (=767 USD) to 9,960 SAR (=2,654.97  USD) per month! It not only depends on your skills, but also on the work location.

Show employers your skills as a tailor in a video and get connected to tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia!

General requirements for a tailor/fitter:

  • High school/vocational degree
  • Similar prior experience
  • Can operate the sewing machine perfectly
  • Basic mathematical knowledge for measuring
  • Strong knowledge of fabrics and embroidery
  • Knowledge of the right material and color combinations
  • Knowledge of how to use the sewing machines at high professional standards
  • Excellent dexterity and cutting precision
  • Excellent attention to detail and good eye-hand coordination
  • Great communication and customer service skills
  • Great organizational and multitasking skills
  • Interest in general trends (materials, colors, shapes)

General responsibilities for tailor jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • Execute pieces according to design plans (alter, repair, design)
  • Consult with clients about their altering or design wishes and modify accordingly
  • Take accurate measures
  • Work in an organized manner and set priorities according to your schedule
  • Use the appropriate methods and machines for the results you want
  • Keep your workspace clean, tidy and organized

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