➢ Requirements:

◦ The business must be legally registered in Croatia

◦ A minimum of 25% of the company’s workforce should consist of citizens of Croatia or another EU State

◦ The company does not have any tax arrears

◦ The company has not been found guilty of an employment-related crime

◦ At least one employee is a national of Croatia, EEA, or Switzerland and has been working full-time for the company under an indefinite contract for at least 6 months. Business owners can also fulfill this requirement

➢ Request to HZZ to conduct a labor market test (test tržišta rada)

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Company details (e.g., OIB, address, contact details, etc.)

◦ Information about the position (job title and requirements)

◦ Information about the employment conditions (e.g., estimated salary, place of work, accommodation, etc.)

➢ Common exemptions from the labor market test: labor-shortage positions, temporary positions for up to 90 days

➢ Post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview and make a job offer, then sign an employment contract

➢ If a labor market test is required, you can apply online via HZZ

➢ If a labor market is not required, you can apply at the competent police administration or police station

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Fully completed and signed application form

◦ Employee’s passport

◦ Work contract signed by both parties

◦ Evidence that the candidate meets the job requirements (e.g., educational documents and diplomas, professional certificates, and work experience)

◦ Police clearance apostilled/legalized by the competent authorities

◦ Evidence of the company’s registration

➢ Fees: € 75 for a work and residence permit application and € 32 for a separate biometric residence permit

➢ Processing time: 3-4 weeks

➢ Your future employee applies for a Croatia work visa (type D) at the competent diplomatic mission 

➢ Required documents:

◦ Croatia National D Visa application form

◦ Passport with at least two empty pages valid for at least three months beyond the validity period of the work and residence permit

◦ One photograph of 35X40 mm

◦ Schengen medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR

◦ Flight reservation

◦ Work and residence permit

➢ Application fee: € 93

➢ Processing time: 2-3 months

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