➢ Your employment terms must align with current industry or professional regulations

➢ You must be able to provide your future worker with adequate insurance. The insurance must cover health, life, occupational injury, and pension

➢ The salary you provide must be in accordance with the rates considered acceptable for the specific profession or industry

➢ The salary you provide must be at least 13,000 SEK (around 1,130 EUR) per month before taxes

➢ Visit this link and check if you comply with the special rules regarding performers, au pairs, berry pickers, seasonal workers, athletes, trainers, researchers, and trainees

➢ Visit this link and check if you comply with the special rules regarding the following industries: cleaning, construction, trade, hotels and restaurants, automobile repair, agriculture and forestry, staffing, service, and personal assistance

➢ You must advertise the position in Sweden and the EU for at least 10 days

➢ Post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview and make a job offer

➢ Sign an employment contract in accordance with the Employment Protection Act

➢ Follow these steps to apply for a work permit on behalf of your future employee:

1. Log in to the Swedish Migration Agency using e-legitimation

2. Provide information about the employment, role, and prospective employee

 3. Provide the Swedish Standard Classification of Occupations (SSYK) code (according to SSYK2012) for the relevant profession or occupation

4. Send the employment information to the trade union that is relevant to the activity the employee will carry out. You can submit the information online through the e-service platform

5. Attach the required documents:

◦ Trade union statement 

◦ Balance sheets and income statements

◦ Reports for the previous financial year

◦ Documents showing liquid assets

◦ Other required documents

6. Your employee fills out their part of the application and attaches a copy of their passport, the employment contract, and other required documents

7. After your employee completes their part of the application, the Swedish Migration Agency will process it

8. If the decision is positive, you will need to notify the Swedish Tax Agency by filling out the Notification – Employment of a Foreigner SKV 1160

➢ Application fee: SEK 2,200

➢ Processing time: Depends on the industry (for some industries, it can take up to 15 months)

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