Workers with a passion for plants and landscaping are welcome to upload their applications and connect to gardener jobs in France!

Note that there is a distinction between gardener jobs in France between the ones who grow and care for plants (jardinier) and gardeners who do landscaping work (paysagiste). To clarify, landscapers consult schemas and craft green spaces into specified shapes. They can also advice clients on the best plants and architectural gardening construction according to their space and wishes.

There are many places to offer your gardening skills to in France – public parks, private homes, tourist attractions. So, contribute to the gorgeous French scenery and connect to gardener jobs in France!

On average, a gardener in France earns around 1,110 EUR/month, with other possible included benefits. Of course, the salary widely depends on the work location and your skills.

If you are:

  • Experienced in landscaping or gardening
  • Ability to read basic instructions
  • Knowledgeable about plant biology and landscaping techniques
  • Able to understand issues with the plants and employ the right methods for healing
  • Good physical ability and excellent stamina
  • Passionate about landscaping, plants, and being outdoors
  • Able to follow flexible schedules
  • Able to comply to the relevant health and safety regulations

…Then start connecting to gardener jobs in France today!

General tasks:

  • Read and follow landscaping plans
  • Maintain, assess and monitor the health of plants/green spaces
  • Diagnose issues and provide the appropriate care to return to a healthy state
  • Plant and grow crops with responsibility (following the appropriate watering and fertilizing schedules)
  • Remove weeds and pests efficiently, without harming the plants
  • Trim, mow, irrigate green spaces
  • Shape green structures according to landscaping plans
  • Use and maintain specialized equipment
  • Clean debris from the work area at the end of your workday
  • Wear the required gear and follow health and safety regulations

Get connected to gardener jobs in France! Simply create your VideoWorkers account, then upload a video of your skills and complete the CV. And don’t forget to consult our guide on how to create a successful video.

Start today!

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