Families in the UK are looking for incredibly responsible and kind nannies to provide excellent care for their children! Nanny jobs in UK require solid English skills to communicate with the family, as well as experience with children.

You must have strong compassion and a natural talent to interact and understand children’s needs according to their developmental stages. At nanny jobs in the UK, it is most likely you would also help with cleaning and making food according to the family’s preferences.

The salary is determined by the type of tasks you have to fulfil as a contractor, so we are unable to provide salary estimates. However, the average salary for people of above 23 years old is 10.42/hour. Housing and transportation are most likely to be included.

If you’re trust-worthy and ready to fulfil the tasks above, keep reading and connect to good offers!

Requirements for nanny jobs in UK:

  • High school/vocational diploma preferred
  • Must have experience with children
  • Clear criminal record
  • Loves taking care of children, is extremely patient, kind, and active
  • Understanding and compassionate towards children
  • Friendly, approachable personality
  • Can navigate physical emergencies (choking, scratching etc.)
  • Perceptive to threats (animals, people, places etc)
  • Preferably has a driving’s license
  • Respectful of instructions from parents
  • Incredibly responsible and trust-worth

General responsibilities:

  • Supervise, care for children and keep them safe
  • Always treat them with kindness and patience
  • Prioritize parents’ rules and emulate their principles
  • Monitor hygiene and other basic needs, such as food, water, sleep socializing
  • Monitor and help with cleanliness
  • Transport them to playgrounds, schools etc., always with their parents’ consent
  • Update parents of any changes in the child’s schedule, health or emergencies
  • Be extra careful with keeping babies physically safe if applicable

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