➢ Post a job ad on VideoWorkers and select from the candidates who applied or search the database directly

➢ After finding a good match, conduct the interview and make a job offer

➢ Draft an employment contract in Arabic 

➢ The contract must be authenticated by the MADLSA (Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs) and drafted in 3 copies

➢ Register your business with the immigration department of the Ministry of Interior

➢ Required documents:

◦ Copy of business registration

◦ Copy of trade license

◦ Other additional documents requested by the authorities

➢ The approval from the Ministry of Labor enables you to submit a block visa application and obtain work visas on behalf of your future employees 

➢ Requirements:

◦ Provide information concerning the positions for each worker, their citizenship, and the total number of workers you intend to hire

◦ Provide a copy of the employment contract

◦ Submit industry-specific documents (if applicable)

➢ You must request a temporary work visa from the Ministry of Labor

➢ Requirements: 

◦ Have a valid CR (Commercial Registration)

◦ The person using the Ministry’s online service on behalf of the company must hold a smart card for identity verification

◦ The company must have the right to apply for the visa without any imposed sanctions 

➢ Required documents:

◦ CR copy

◦ The company’s immigration card

◦ Copy of the employment contract

◦ Copy of the worker’s passport

➢ Application fee: QAR 200

➢ Processing time: Up to 4 weeks

➢ Upon approval of the temporary work visa, your employee can enter the country and wait for a Work Residence Permit (RP) to be issued 

➢ You must submit the application to the Ministry of Interior (MOI)

➢ Required documents: 

◦ Results of a medical checkup 

◦ Duly completed residence permit application form

◦ CR copy

◦ Copy of immigration card

◦ Worker’s passport with temporary work visa

◦ Professional and educational certificates

➢ Application fee: QAR 500

➢ Processing time: 2 – 4 weeks

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