Available excavator jobs in Singapore for experienced professionals looking for better opportunities! Read more and apply on VideoWorkers to easily connect to employers abroad!

For this position, you need an excavator license as well as experience working with heavy industrial machines. Stamina and motivation are also important for a successful job!

Excavator jobs in Singapore offer around 4,900 SGD/month (=3,610 USD), depending on your experience, skills, project, and work location. Other benefits such as free transportation to work may be included.

General requirements for excavator operator jobs in Singapore:

  • Valid excavator operator certificate
  • Prior experience working as an excavator operator or experience operating similar heavy industrial machinery
  • Great mechanical skills
  • Ability to work flexible hours in all kinds of weather conditions
  • Able to coordinate with a team as well as work independently
  • Able to identify different kinds of construction material
  • Good stamina and physical shape
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Extensive understanding and awareness to work in compliance with health and safety rules and regulations
  • Able to provide maintenance on the machine
  • Efficient under pressure

General responsibilities for excavator operator jobs in Singapore:

  • Operate the excavator in construction sites safely and appropriately to dig trenches, handle materials etc.,
  • Ensure loads are well contained in the container
  • Perform maintenance on the machine and ensure it is operating smoothly before the start of your shift
  • Work under health and safety regulations
  • Perform ad-hoc tasks, e.g. helping with removing debris at the end of the workday as well as other specific tasks assigned by the manager

Apply for excavator jobs in Singapore on VideoWorkers in simple steps:

Firstly, set your VideoWorkers account to your preferred job title(s) and location(s). Then, complete the CV page.

Afterwards, follow our tutorial and create a short professional video to show employers. This way, you can directly show them your skills and motivation!

Start connecting today!

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