Construction businesses are looking for hard-working individuals ready to take up bricklayer jobs in the UK!

As a bricklayer, you would construct or repair brick foundations such as walls, chimneys, or other brick structures.

Bricklayer jobs on the shortage list in the UK, which means that Visa applicants enjoy higher salaries than before. Another benefit is now paying a lower fee for the VISA application.

The average salary for bricklayer jobs in UK is 13.90 GBP(=17.57 USD), depending on the project and  location, as well as your experience and skills. It may include housing, transportation, insurance, or other benefits.


  • Certification and licensing to work as a bricklayer
  • Experience in masonry
  • Willingness to possibly go through training if experience is lacking
  • Knowledge about the materials, tools and methods employed for successful bricklaying
  • Ability to read instructions
  • Physical strength to carry heavy material
  • Ability to understand blueprints and technical manuals
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work at heights, on scaffolds
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Can work in a team and independently
  • Communication skills
  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Willingness to comply to the health and safety rules and regulations


  • Interpret building plans and check specifications
  • Build strong structures out of bricks using the appropriate materials, methods, and tools
  • Install masonry items
  • Un/load, cut, haul, drill bricks, tiles, blocks and pavers for construction
  • Mix and apply mortar
  • Calculate angles and determine alignment
  • Measure distance and bricks, lay out bricks and cover them with mortar accordingly
  • Caulk around brick to seal construction
  • Install concrete foundations
  • Apply plaster
  • Wear required protective gear
  • Be aware of safety hazards
  • Work safely on scaffolds
  • Comply with health and safety rules and regulations

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