As UAE’s most popular and vibrant city, Dubai is in big demand for security guards! Read below and, if you relate to the description, sign up for security guard jobs in Dubai!

Generally, a security guard in Dubai protects property, high profile people, or both. That means you could work in places such as malls, museums, personal houses, or guard celebrities/public figures! The job depends on your training and physical strength, as well as other skills, such as communication.

Therefore, it is hard to approximate the salary, since it depends on so many aspects. However, the starting average salary for security guard jobs in Dubai is around 1,900 AED (=517.28 USD).

General requirements:

  • Good to excellent physical fitness
  • Extensive knowledge of security protocols
  • Ability to operate security systems and energy equipment
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, fast reflexes, and appropriate reactions
  • Follows directions precisely
  • Strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail
  • Ability to operate alone or as a part of a team
  • Prior experience in a similar position preferred
  • Training, qualification preferred
  • Willing to work flexible schedules

General responsibilities:

  • Make sure only authorized people have access to the person or place
  • Remove unauthorized people from the premises
  • Make people aware of the rules/expectations/procedures before entering
  • Take lawful action towards uncooperative people
  • Collect payments/fees at the entrance
  • Report issues, suspicious activities, and emergencies to the relevant authorities
  • Be alert and work responsibly
  • Be aware of the possible criminal activity around the area
  • Monitor surveillance systems, review footage
  • Answer the phone, respond to any quires

Complete your CV and upload a video of your skills and motivation as a security guard. Then simply get connected to the best offers for you!

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