Open vacancies for civil site engineer jobs in Singapore! In this position, you would manage construction projects, supervise workers to ensure coordination, and ensure health and safety conditions. Moreover, you would keep technical logs, coordinate with suppliers and contractors, create reports, and prepare cost estimates as part of your main tasks.

On average, civil site engineer jobs in Singapore offers around 7,750 SGD/month (=5,745.02 USD). Of course, the offer depends on your education, skills, as well as experience.

So, if you are experienced and skilled for the position, sign up for civil site engineer jobs in Singapore!


  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a similar specialization
  • Valid license
  • Experience working as a construction engineer
  • Advanced skills in construction management software
  • Excellent project management and leadership skills
  • Excellent and efficient communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Excellent technical and mathematical skills
  • Great problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Basic understanding of construction materials and methods
  • Ability to work flexible schedules when relevant


  • Manage the stages of construction planning and design
  • Oversee and manage construction projects
  • Analyze and offer technical expertise to construction designs
  • Prepare work schedules alongside other managers and supervise the construction team
  • Coordinate with suppliers and contractors about contracts and materials
  • Negotiate contract terms and examine legal requirements
  • Document accurate construction records
  • Ensure the completion of the project before the deadline and ensure it is running within the allocated budget
  • Update clients and senior managers about the construction progress
  • Ensure construction activities comply with health and safety rules and regulations

Firstly, create your account on Videoworkers. Then, complete the CV template and upload a video of your skills and motivation for the job. If you don’t know how to make a video yet, check out our guide to boost your hiring prospects!

Start today and connect to civil site engineer jobs in Singapore!

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