Available caregiver jobs in Canada! Many people living in Canada with various needs and disabilities are looking for dedicated and empathic personal caregivers who love helping others!

Caregivers usually work in retirement homes and help with the administration of treatment and care plans. You must have exceptional interpersonal skills to communicate with the patients in a respectful and compassionate manner, as well as an incredible sense of responsibility and patience. Generally, caregiver jobs in Canada do not require a Bachelor’s degree. However, it it most likely that you will have to take up a 6-months training for caregivers.

You can also sign a contract to offer your services directly at someone’s house.

Caregiver jobs in Canada offer around 20 CAD/hour, however, it depends on your skills and the work location.

Read below and, if you feel fit for the job, sign up for the caregiver jobs in Canada!

Sign up to provide personal care in Canada if you are:


  • Very passionate about helping and taking care of others
  • In possession of a clear criminal record
  • In possession of a high school diploma
  • Willing to go through training
  • Experienced (preferred)
  • In possession of a driving’s license (preferred)
  • Great at communicating, very good at reading and writing
  • In good health and physical shape
  • Always kind, respectful, compassionate and patient, even under pressure
  • Present, active, and friendly
  • Available to work night shifts
  • Are willing to work flexible hours and in the weekends

General responsibilities:

  • Follow treatment and care plans issued by nurses and doctors
  • Assist and help the person(s) with everyday living according to their conditions (e.g., disabled, with dementia etc)
  • Assist with transportation, errands and medical appointments
  • Keep track of their schedule and give medication reminders
  • Keep track of medical conditions, allergies, preferences etc.
  • Perform housekeeping activities (cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, laundry etc.) if you offer your services in a personal house
  • Prepare meals according to their preferences
  • Always treat the person with understanding, respect and kindness
  • Provide companionship activities such as walks, puzzles, reading etc.
  • Help with personal hygiene

How to apply: Create your VideoWorkers account, fill in the CV template, then upload a video of your skills!

If you are unsure about the video, check out our tutorial for guidance!

Connect to the right opportunity and apply for caregiver jobs in Canada!

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