Are you a crafty worker with a passion for plants and landscaping? Then don’t miss out on the many gardener jobs in the USA!

The salary as a gardener in the USA varies drastically on the gardening project, location, and skills. While the average pay for gardeners in the USA is generally around 32,000 USD/year, there are places where they earn way more. Hawaii (48,868 USD/year), Massachusetts (46,251 USD/year), and Alaska (44,869 USD/year) are some of the best-paid states for gardener jobs in the USA!

Read below and see if you have the skills to apply for gardener jobs in the USA!

Requirements for a gardener position:

  • High school diploma (preferred)
  • Gardening experience
  • Knowledge of landscaping, the appropriate methods, and materials
  • Ability to identify issues with trees and plants and apply the appropriate methods and chemicals
  • Knowledge of fertilizers
  • Very good physical health to bend forward, kneel, lift, and use heavy objects
  • Passionate about green spaces and prefers being outdoors
  • Ability to follow written instructions
  • Willingness to comply with health and safety rules and regulations in landscaping

General responsibilities for gardener jobs in the USA:

  • Implement landscaping plans
  • Maintain green spaces like lawns and bushes
  • Assess and monitor plant health
  • Diagnose and address any issues with the plants
  • Water and feed plants appropriately
  • Install plants/crops
  • Remove weeds and deal with pests using the appropriate methods and chemicals
  • Trim trees, grass, bushes, and other plants according to landscaping plans
  • Mow, irrigate, and rake lawns accordingly
  • Clear debris from sidewalks and your surroundings
  • Use and maintain landscaping equipment
  • Work under health and safety rules and regulations

If you can monitor plant health, provide plant care and trim according to landscaping plans, you’ve got it! Sign up on VideoWorkers for the numerous gardening jobs in the USA! Check out guide and upload your video showing employers your skills!

Start today!

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