From holiday resorts to companies, schools, and town halls, there are numerous available cleaner jobs in Australia!

As suggested, this job ensures the cleanliness of the premises according to the standards of the place. Because of this, the salary may differ depending on the tasks of the location.

For instance, a hotel cleaner can earn 30 AUD (19.89 USD)/hour, because there are multiple different tasks besides surface cleaning, such as changing sheets, stacking items, etc. However, an office cleaner, for example, earns 19. 53 AUD (12.95 USD).

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General requirements:

  • Work experience
  • High school/vocational degree (preferred)
  • Good physical health as you will be standing and moving
  • Ability to carry trolleys, vacuum cleaners and other specialized cleaning tools
  • Knowledge of the appropriate chemicals and supplies
  • Good communication skills
  • Efficient and calm under pressure
  • Responsible and detail-oriented
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Ability to organize your schedule
  • The basic skills to document your activity, read instructions and measure fluids
  • Work well in a team, as well as individually
  • Resistant and motivated
  • Treat guests with hospitality
  • Willingness to comply with health and safety regulations

General responsibilities for cleaner jobs in Australia:

  • Follow schedules punctually
  • Use cleaning machinery (e.g., the vacuum cleaner)
  • Dust, vacuum, mop, designated spaces, surfaces and appliances
  • Clean, fold, stack, and store sheets if applicable
  • Make adjustments or minor repairs (such as replacing a light bulb)
  • Notify your manager about more serious repairs or maintenance issues
  • Work with chemicals and use them appropriately
  • Keep track of your activity (write down which rooms are clean)
  • Interact with customers respectfully
  • Work under health and safety regulations

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