Sign up for machinist jobs in Canada! Produce precision metal parts according to technical drawings, blueprints, and specifications! Of course, you would also set and maintain the machines correctly in order to obtain the right results! For this position, you need basic mathematical skills to measure correctly, as well as great dexterity and coordination.

So, as a machinist, your main task is ensuring the accuracy of parts. And, certainly, you need to always prioritize safety.

On average, machinist jobs in Canada offer 28.77 CAD/hour (=21.44 USD). However the offer is given according to your skills and experience.

Join the workforce… if you have:

  • High school/vocational degree (preferred)
  • Proof of training/ apprenticeship
  • Experience in a similar position
  • Excellent mechanical skill and coordination
  • Accuracy and strong attention to detail to monitor machines and production
  • Basic math skills
  • Physical ability to lift up to 20 kg
  • Strong sense of responsibility and constant awareness of safety hazards
  • Willingness to work flexible hours
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of safety protocols

General responsibilities at machinist jobs in Canada:

  • Interpret and follow instructions, blueprints etc.
  • Operate and maintain industrial machines
  • Take accurate measurements and shape accordingly to produce precision tools
  • Plan and use the appropriate machine and settings for accurate results
  • Monitor production, adjusting settings
  • Coordinate with your teammates
  • Make inventory
  • Perform maintenance or minor repairs to the machines
  • Maintain a tidy workspace
  • Comply with health and safety rules and regulations

Fill in your CV and upload a video showing employers your skills and motivation as a machinist! Boost your hiring prospects by checking out our guide on how to make a successful video!

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