Lathe machine operator jobs available in Canada! Lathe operators process raw materials into parts and components. If you can determine the speed and settings of machines to obtain specific results, then sign up on VideoWorkers and show employers your excellent skills as a lathe operator!

Depending on the location, skills, and experience, lathe machine operator jobs in Canada offer around 23.50 CAD/hour (=17.51 USD). Read about the job and the application process, then get connected!


  • High school/vocational diploma
  • Certificate/license/training to work as a lathe operator
  • Similar experience preferred
  • Basic math and technical skills
  • Knowledge of materials (metals)
  • Knowledge of specialized machinery and tools
  • Familiar with drilling, threading, reaming etc.
  • Strong focus and attention to detail
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Good communication and customer service
  • Professional and compliant with health and safety procedures

General responsibilities at lathe machine operator jobs in Canada:

  • Prepare tools for machining
  • Study blueprints, layouts, job orders to understand the material requirements
  • Plan, and operate accordingly
  • Operate with the lathe machine, mount attachments, duplicate contours, trim pieces, etc.
  • Replace and sharpen tools
  • Verify measurements using gauges, micrometers etc.
  • Adjust tool position and machine settings to get the desired shape and sharpness
  • Set the appropriate position, speed and depth
  • Monitor machine performance
  • Coordinate with your teammates
  • Lift and secure heavy loads of metal using hoists
  • Work responsibly and be aware of any potential hazards
  • Perform maintenance on the machines and ensure their smooth-running
  • Comply with all health and safety rules and regulations

Sign up on VideoWorkers, fill in the CV page and upload a video showing your skills for lathe machine operator jobs in Canada!

If you don’t know how to make a video yet, check out our step-by-step guide!

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