Thousands of available food factory worker jobs in Canada! Ensure the production processes of food and drinks, do quality checks, pack and prepare for delivery! For this position, you need to be organized, motivated, as well as reliable enough to ensure the health and safety regulations.

At food factory worker jobs in Canada, an employee earns around 16.58 CAD (12.38 USD), which makes 32,338 CAD/year (=24,140 USD). The salary usually depends on your work experience and seniority. For instance, entry-level positions earn 29,250 CAD/year (=24,144 USD), while more experienced workers can earn up to 40,752 CAD/year (=30,426 USD).

General requirements:

  • High school/vocational diploma (preferred)
  • Similar experience (preferred) or desire to learn
  • Knowledge of baking processes
  • Ability to follow instructions closely
  • General knowledge of food safety
  • Basic mathematical skills to measure and cut properly
  • Good physical shape to lift average weights and stand for long periods
  • Strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail
  • Good team player
  • Good communication and organizational skills

General responsibilities at food factory worker jobs in Canada:

  • Follow instructions and recipes precisely
  • Organize and weigh ingredients
  • Mix ingredients, stretch, cut dough, refrigerate or bake accordingly
  • Use molds for confection shapes and textures, apply icing
  • Monitor cooking processes
  • Operate and monitor industrial machinery if applicable
  • Coordinate with the team
  • Prepare, maintain and clean equipment daily and regularly
  • Make inventory and do quality checks
  • Work according to food safety standards

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