There is a high demand to fill numerous available glazing jobs in Australia! A glazier installs different glass items, such as insulated or tempered glass windows or doors. Moreover, at glass jobs in Australia, you could specialize in different types of industries. For instance, you could work in construction, the automobile industry; and you can also be hired by architects or interior designers. There are plenty opportunities to choose from!

On average, the salary for glazing jobs in Australia is around 35.90 AUD/hour (=23.47 USD). Entry level positions start at around 59,800 AUD/year (=39,094.25 USD), while experienced glaziers can make up to around 85,200 AUD/year (=55,699.50 USD).

So, if you have:

  • High school/vocational diploma (preferred)
  • Certification/license as a glazier
  • Stamina and physical ability to lift heavy objects
  • Strong focus and attention to detail
  • Excellent coordination
  • Ability to work efficiently in stressful situations
  • Strong sense of responsibility and awareness of hazards
  • Driving’s license
  • Good communication skills
  • Willingness to follow health and safety rules and regulations

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  • Communicate with the client/manager or other stakeholders to understand project specifications
  • Assess risks and choose the appropriate glass
  • Build glass framework
  • Remove old and broken glass
  • Measure, fit, seal and tighten new glass
  • Operate a crane with suction cups to lift heavy glass
  • Work with plastic, laminates, and other treatments that make glass stronger
  • Work and transform glass according to specifications through cutting
  • Drive trucks to sites and unload materials
  • Clean area once glass is installed according to client’s request

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