If you can drive safely and efficiently and possess good interpersonal skills, sign up now for taxi driver jobs in UAE! From taxi cabs to limousines, UAE companies are looking for trustworthy drivers to help clients arrive at their destinations. Taxi driver jobs in the UAE require patience in traffic, the ability to focus, and a positive and helpful attitude! You could opt for part-time or full-time jobs.

On average, taxi driver jobs in UAE make around 3,500 AED/month (=952.90 USD) or even more for full-time employees. However, it depends on the job location and industry, as well as working hours and distances. Other benefits such as accommodation and transportation may be included!


  • Valid driving license and driving experience
  • Clean driving record
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good spatial awareness and reflexes
  • Geographical (local) knowledge
  • Knows how to operate driving apps
  • Respectful and approachable
  • Responsible and able to focus for the entirety of your shift
  • Organizational skills
  • Flexible and adaptable to different types of customers
  • Able to perform basic mathematical operations for payment
  • High hygiene standards
  • Ability to work flexible hours

General responsibilities for taxi driver jobs in UAE:

  • Go to pick-up locations and safely drive clients to their destination
  • (Usually) Follow a GPS app
  • React to job requests via the radio operator or an app
  • Perform efficiently by taking the shortest route or finding alternative routes in case of closed roads, traffic etc.
  • Help clients with heavy bags or doors especially if they have a visible condition
  • Collect payments and make sure to have various bills for cash payment
  • Ensure cleanliness both inside and outside the car
  • Ensure the vehicle is in working condition and schedule maintenance if needed
  • Comply with traffic rules and regulations and pay attention to any changes in legislation

If you want to sign up for taxi driver jobs in UAE, create your VideoWorkers account and apply in 2 simple steps:

Simply fill in the CV and upload a video showing your relevant skills to employers! Check out our guide on how to make a good video to increase your chances!

Follow the new opportunities and sign up now!

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