Due to the aging population and the increased hearing problems of the younger population, there is a high demand for audiologist jobs in Canada! If you’re a certified and experienced audiologist, offer your medical services in Canadian medical institutions!

The average salary for audiologist jobs in Canada is around 81,030 CAD (=60,593.83 USD), depending on education, skills, experience, and work location.

As an audiologist, your would correctly examine, diagnose and provide treatment for patients with various hearing problems. You would also order and fit hearing aids and other hearing equipment. If you have the necessary qualifications, keep reading and connect to the right offers for you!


  • Master’s degree in audiology
  • Valid audiology license
  • Internship and experience as an audiologist
  • Strong listening and communication skills
  • Additional specializations certifications
  • Great organizational as well as time management skills
  • Strong critical and problem-solving skills
  • Able to collaborate with other doctors and medical professional
  • Good interpersonal skills to form doctor-patient relationships

General responsibilities:

  • Listens to patient’s complaints, examines ears, conducts auditory tests
  • Performs and interprets diagnostic tests and audiometry evaluations
  • Prescribes medication and develops treatment plans accordingly
  • Helps with aural rehabilitation
  • Makes ear molds to fit patients for cochlear implants and hearing aids
  • Insert hearing aids according to patient’s condition
  • Suggests specific technology according to the patient’s condition
  • Keeps, updates, interprets patients’ medical records
  • Follows all medical laws and regulations

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