The UK is offering paramedic jobs for dedicated and skilled medical professionals to promptly respond to medical emergencies. The average base salary for paramedic jobs is the UK around 2,741 GBP/month, depending on your seniority and skills.

Paramedic jobs in the UK undergo extensive training, however they require less formal education than most medical professionals. For this position, you primarily need exceptional first responder skills. That means you must be exceptionally quick and efficient to correctly identify and treat the medical emergency until arriving to the hospital. Moreover, you must treat these operations in a perfectly calm and reassuring manner in order to de-escalate panic.

If you meet these requirements, sign up for paramedic jobs in the UK!

General requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in paramedical science or equivalent certification
  • EMT/EMR certification course
  • Expert knowledge of medical emergency procedures, terminology, medication, and medical equipment
  • Experience as a paramedic
  • Driving’s license
  • Able to work flexible schedules, including nightshifts, weekends, and national holidays
  • Great physical shape, stamina, eyesight, reflexes, agility
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Exceptionally efficient as a problem solver
  • Compassionate, collected and extremely reliable
  • Mentally resilient

General responsibilities for paramedic jobs in the UK:

  • Respond to emergency calls and transmitters and drive emergency vehicles
  • Assist patients on site and make early diagnoses
  • Provide emergency medical treatment, administer medication, give injections, address injuries or other conditions
  • Utilize specialist equipment when necessary, such as ventilators, defibrillators etc.,
  • Transport patients to hospitals or other healthcare facilities, at the emergency department
  • Monitor and provide care to patients during transportation
  • Communicate with medical staff in order to provide patient information, sometimes may be required to talk to the police
  • Write accurate reports on the incident, the state of the patient and the care treatments provided by paramedics
  • Maintain, clean, and sanitize ambulance and medical equipment
  • Drive ambulance responsibly
  • Adhere to all laws, rules, and regulations in regards to medical practices as a paramedic

Apply in three simple steps:

Open your VideoWorkers account and create a profile. Complete your CV with your personal qualifications, then upload a video of your skills and motivation as a paramedic. Before making your video, don’t forget to check our tutorial with step-by-step explanations on how to create a successful video!

Follow the new opportunities and sign up now for paramedic jobs in the UK!

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