Forester jobs are on Australia’s list of most in-demand occupations. Because of this, if you migrate to Australia as a forester, you could be offered permanent residency in the country! So, read below and connect to forester jobs in Australia!

At this jobs position, you would: oversee and manage forest lands, develop forest projects, conserve flora and fauna, and protect forests from pests, disease, and fire.

On average, forester jobs in Australia makes around 41 AUD/hour, depending on your education, skill, and experience. Other benefits such as transportation and housing may be included in the offer.

Sign up for forester jobs in Australia if you have:

  • High school/vocational diploma (minimum)
  • Trade qualification
  • Relevant training
  • Passion and extensive expert knowledge of forest lands and ecosystems
  • Prior experience as a forester or a similar role
  • Knowledge, ability, and license to operate all the specialized equipment
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Great physical ability to stand, walk, bend, use your arms
  • Excellent analytical skills, as well as management, budgeting, and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills

General responsibilities for forester jobs in Australia:

  • Manage natural lands and parks, designing ways to preserve land and minimally impact the ecosystem
  • Find efficient ways to remove fallen timber
  • Negotiate contracts to harvest timber
  • Employ methods to keep forests free from diseases
  • Advise on the type, location and number of trees to be planted
  • Interpret aerial images of plots, collect forest data
  • Evaluate soil quality
  • Prepare stands and contracts for harvesting forest products
  • Evaluate areas and investigate and mark trees that are ready to be harvested
  • Conduct technical forestry work such as timbering, volume estimation etc.,
  • Coordinate and conduct felled-tree volume studies
  • Supervise and monitor tree harvests
  • Maintain records and evaluations
  • Use forestry tools for measurements, cutting etc.,
  • Ensure wildfire prevention
  • Participate in fire-fighting instructions and respond to wildfire emergencies
  • Advise farmers on how to improve crops and control pests and disease on farmlands
  • Study environmental factors and implement development plans

Connecting to forester jobs in Australia:

Firstly, create your VideoWorkers account and set your preferences (job titles plus your desired countries).

Then, simply fill in the CV page with your professional qualifications.

Lastly, create a video according to our tutorial. Show employers your best skills and motivation as a forester!

Great opportunities on the horizon! So why wait? Start your application today!

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