If you’re looking for farm job opportunities, you’ve found it! Sign up for poultry farm jobs in Canada! Grow domesticated birds to harvest meat, eggs, or feathers!

Usually, you receive training at the job, but prior experience and knowledge is a big plus. A high school diploma or equivalent would be sufficient.

On average, poultry farm jobs in Canada offer around 16.50 EUR/hour, usually depending on the workload. Sign up on VideoWorkers and connect to poultry jobs in Canada!

General requirements:

  • Basic reading and writing skills
  • Expert knowledge of animal nutrition and their lifestyle
  • Ability to utilize specialized tools and equipment
  • (Specialized) driving’s license may be required
  • Excellent ability to manage animals
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Physically apt to move for the entirety of your work
  • Able to work in all kinds of environments and weather
  • Able to work flexible schedules
  • Living on the farm may be required
  • Practical, reliable. and hard-working
  • Strong sense of responsibility and great attention to detail
  • Willing to work according to ethical principles in regards to animals

General responsibilities for poultry farm jobs in Canada:

  • Inspect and report on the condition of animals
  • Weigh and provide food and water, additives and medicine as prescribed
  • Monitor food and water supplies
  • May be required to drive tractors and other farming equipment
  • Maintain and clean equipment and locations
  • Clean all areas where the animals live (barns, sheds, yards etc.)
  • Collect and store feathers
  • Examine animals of disease, illness or injury
  • Care for animals, treat minor ailments and administer medication, provide vaccinations, consult with a veterinarian accordingly
  • Collect and store eggs
  • Keep track of every procedure, from daily feeding to breeding and giving birth

Create your application:

Fill in in the CV template, then upload video to show employers your skills and motivation!

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