Welder jobs in Poland are popular and in demand! Employers have attractive offers for novice or experienced welders looking to relocate.

From small firms to huge factories, follow the new opportunities and apply on VideoWorkers for welder jobs in Poland!

            What welder jobs in Poland usually require of candidates:

  • Industrial experience as a welder
  • Welding certificate
  • High school vocational diploma (preferred)
  • High mechanical talents
  • Basic ability to understand the instructions at welder jobs in Poland and complete the tasks accordingly
  • No problems with exposure to fumes, heat, and loud noise (all supported by the necessary equipment)
  • Communication skills and initiative
  • Good physical health
  • Capacity to learn more
  • A strong sense of responsibility and spatial awareness
  • Ability to work under a flexible schedule
  • Will to comply with all health and safety rules and regulations

If you meet these requirements, create your VideoWorkers account and send in your application!

           General activities as a welder:

  • Use electricity and torches to solder and reshape components made from metals
  • Develop and employ multiple methods using different materials and components
  • Operate with specialized machinery specific to welder jobs in Poland
  • Execute specific tasks by consulting blueprints and instructions
  • Assess the task for appropriate welding methods, positions, equipment, and materials
  • Comply with universal welding standards and legal requirements
  • Take apart and dispose of large metal objects (such as vehicles)
  • Monitor the work environment for hazards
  • Closely follow safety protocol, which includes wearing specialized equipment

The average salary for welder jobs in Poland is between 277 and 838 EUR monthly. The exact amount depends on experience, education, skills, and work location. The salary can include transportation, housing, healthcare, or more.

Fill in the CV template and upload your video, then wait to connect to employers! If you don’t know how to make a video yet, check out our guide to boost your hiring prospects.

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