Australia’s trucking business is becoming increasingly popular! If you have the right certifications, get connected to truck driver jobs in Australia!

Depending on the distance, an interstate truck driver can earn as much as $69,609.28 annually! Otherwise, the average salary as a truck driver in Australia is around $22.39 per hour, making $43,649.77 per year!

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           To get the truck driver jobs in Australia you generally need:

  • Driver Certificate of Professional Competence
  • Knowledge of traffic laws for truck drivers
  • High school diploma or equivalent (preferred)
  • Basic ability to note and understand instructions
  • Clear driving record
  • Good physical shape for carrying packages
  • Very good reflexes, hearing, and sight
  • Consistent focus and spatial awareness
  • Strong sense of responsibility and patience
  • Good communication skills

    …Also, truck driver jobs in Australia imply:

  • Long-distance driving, following the applicable traffic laws and rules
  • Communicating with dispatchers
  • Properly securing cargo
  • Loading and unloading cargo
  • Inspecting the truck before and after the trip
  • Planning routes and following schedules
  • Reporting any issues, accidents, or violations that would either damage the truck or modify the schedule
  • Professional interaction with customers
  • Recording deliveries
  • Keeping a log of working hours

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There are a few steps that you need to take. First, create your account. Fill in the CV template following the instructions and recommendations. The most important part of your presentation is the demo video. So be sure to make a video showing employers your skills and motivation as a truck driver and upload it!

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