Truck driver jobs in UK are open to thousands of skilled workers!  Truck drivers play a central role in ensuring the delivery of goods to manufacturing or distribution centers.  For this, on top of the driving skills, you would need great organizational and customer service skills.

So, if you the appropriate professional certifications, good interpersonal skills, and, of course, an excellent sense of responsibility…

…then read below and get connected to great opportunities as a truck driver in the UK!

           Requirements for truck driver jobs in UK:

  • UK driver’s license
  • Preferably clean driver’s license
  • Valid truck license
  • In possession of a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for driving
  • License for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)
  • Able to drive long distances responsibly
  • Ability to maintain concentration for the entirety of the ride
  • General mechanical skills to do general vehicle maintenance
  • Customer service to communicate with clients and supervisors
  • Excellent sense of responsibility
  • Good reflexes and eye-hand coordination
  • Physical ability to lift heavy packages (around 20 kg)


  • Drive long distances to your destination
  • Check the condition of the vehicle before the ride and perform basic maintenance duties (fill the gas, ensure all car equipment is working well)
  • Plan the most efficient route and organize drop-offs efficiently
  • Keeping updated about traffic changes is important for truck driver jobs in UK
  • Inform your supervisors and clients about any changes in the arrival time
  • Assist with loading and unloading deliveries
  • Secure cargo
  • Document working hours and completed deliveries
  • Work flexible schedules (in the weekend, at night)
  • Comply with traffic safety laws

On average, truck drivers jobs in UK offer around 23,600 GBP yearly, salaries differing based on experience, skills, or location. Also, the deal is most likely to include housing, transportation, or other benefits.

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