There are numerous garbage collector jobs in Canada for punctual and responsible workers!

As a garbage collector, you would drive specialized vehicles around neighborhoods and empty trash-bins mechanically.  Moreover, you would fulfill these tasks during specified time-frames. Of course, you would need a driver’s license. A specialized vehicle driver’s license may be required. Also, training is provided on the job.

Garbage collector jobs in Canada offer around 22 CAD/hour (=16.46 USD), depending on seniority and location. Other benefits such as free home-work transportation may be included!

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If you have:

  • High school/vocational diploma (preferred)
  • Driver’s license/specialized driver’s license
  • Previous similar experience preferred
  • Knowledge of how to operate specialized vehicles/ willingness to go through training if applicable
  • Knowledge of disposing different waste properly
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions
  • Knowledge of traffic laws, rules and regulations
  • Good communication skills and team spirit
  • Punctual and a great sense of responsibility
  • Able to follow schedules and work flexibly

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  • Follow your route and punctually follow schedules
  • Pass by and collect trash and debris from houses, buildings, commercial locations, on a daily basis
  • Use the automated garbage-disposal truck to lift and unload trash (sometimes you may have to do it manually)
  • Transport garbage to a designated area
  • Ensure proper recycling of glass, paper, and plastic
  • Crush and burn garbage in a controlled environment
  • Perform daily maintenance checks for any mechanical errors
  • Collect any furniture or electronic devices left on the street

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