Australia is looking for motivated workers to take up street cleaner jobs! So, if you’re a motivated worker looking to work abroad, sign up for street cleaner jobs in Australia!

As a street cleaner, you would remove any debris from the streets manually or driving a specialized vehicle to ensure cleanliness in public spaces. Manual sweepers usually offer their cleaning services in parks and similar public areas.

However, most street cleaners jobs in Australia operate heavy cleaning vehicles. So, you would need a specialized driving’s license if the vehicle is over 4.5 tones and you may have to undergo training.

On average, street cleaner jobs in Australia offer approximately 33 AUD/hour (=21.45 USD).

General requirements:

  • High school/vocational diploma preferred
  • Driver’s license/specialized driver’s license
  • Previous similar experience preferred
  • Knowledge of how to operate specialized vehicles/ willingness to go through training if applicable
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions
  • Knowledge of traffic laws, rules and regulations
  • Good communication skills
  • Good organizational as well as time management skills
  • Punctual and a great sense of responsibility
  • Able to follow schedules and work flexibly

General responsibilities as a street cleaner operator:

  • Operate specialized vehicles for street sweeping and snow removal or
  • Sweep the streets manually
  • Ensure the work is finished according to schedules
  • Perform vehicle maintenance at the beginning of your shift
  • Securely fasten attachments (hoses, brushes, etc.)
  • Fill water tanks, operate rotary brushes and water spray controls
  • Drive safely and carefully in small spaces or traffic areas
  • Clear streets of trash, snow, and any contaminants
  • Report any incidents or issues to the management
  • Keep track of your activity
  • Work according to traffic laws and regulations

How to start your application:

Firstly, create your VideoWorkers account – set up your preferred job titles and location.

Then, fill in the CV profile- complete with your skills, experience, and education.

Lastly, create a video of your relevant skills and education- promote your skills to employers! Also, check out our guide explaining how to make a good video!

Start your video today and get connected to street cleaner jobs in Australia!

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