If you are a skilled and qualified hairdresser, sign up for hairdresser jobs in Canada! The job position is in demand everywhere in the country, however, the regions most in demand are Alberta British, Columbia, and Manitoba.

For hairdresser jobs in Canada, you need proof of hairdressing apprenticeship. Moreover, a trade certification for hairstylists is compulsory or voluntary depending on the region.

Hairdresser jobs in Canada offer around 19 CAD(=14 USD), depending on your skills, experience, qualifications, and, of course, the work location.

If you are:

  • In possession of a hairdresser certificate and license
  • Experienced as a hairdresser
  • Excellent at customer service, a great communicator, friendly and adaptable to different kinds of personalities
  • Knowledgeable of hairdressing techniques for cutting and dyeing
  • Knowledgeable about working with different types of hair (damaged, curly, natural, synthetic etc.)
  • Able to satisfy your clients’ requests accurately
  • Able to stand for long periods of time
  • Excellent with time management
  • Detail-oriented, calm and efficient under pressure
  • Willing to follow a flexible schedule

…Then sign up on VideoWorkers for hairdresser jobs in Canada!


  • Consult with your client to determine the hairstyle they want
  • Provide the services requested using the appropriate methods
  • Give advice in appropriate moments
  • Employ your excellent people skills to build friendly relationships with the clients
  • Use hairdresser equipment properly
  • Ask about any scalp sensitivities
  • Cut and trim natural hair, wigs, put in extensions, dye hair according to client’s preferences
  • Shampoo, condition, give treatments, dry and style the hair
  • Operate the cash register using cash or the POs
  • Use basic computer skills to keep a log of appointments
  • Clean and sterilize all tools in order to meet the health and safety standards.

How to apply for hairdresser jobs in Canada on VideoWorkers:

Open your account on VideoWorkers, fill in your CV and upload a video of your skills! Just follow our guide on how to make a good video for employers!

Start here and connect to offers abroad!

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