UAE companies in Dubai are hiring competent IT technicians to respond to any IT-related queries and make sure the computer systems are running smoothly! On average, IT technician jobs in Dubai offer approximately 16,000 AED/month (=4,356 USD), widely depending on your experience, education, and, of course, skills. Almost all businesses and offices need IT technicians, so this position presents a multitude of opportunities!

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General requirements for IT technician jobs in Dubai:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or other relevant field or education with demonstrable IT skills
  • Accredited certifications are a bonus
  • Minimum 1/5-year experience in the field
  • Great communication skills to interact with other departments
  • Proficient in software installation and database programming
  • Able to proficiently diagnose technical issues
  • Knowledge of computer parts, how to fix and maintain computer equipment
  • Excellent technical problem-solving skills
  • Extensive knowledge of interest security and data privacy
  • Great time-management skills

General responsibilities:

  • Set up work stations (reconfigure, install software on computers according to specifications, check computer hardware)
  • Connect peripheral devices (routers, printers, etc.)
  • Develop local networks, ensure security and privacy of networks
  • Provide guidance on how to use new equipment or systems
  • Provide maintenance work for computer equipment
  • Organize and schedule maintenance and meet deadlines
  • Listen to colleagues’ queries, perform troubleshooting, diagnose issues, and take appropriate action
  • Install equipment such as video projectors, sound systems etc.
  • Keep a log of repairs and maintenance schedule
  • Identify equipment shortages and order accordingly

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