Social workers are always in demand, as they are crucial to many areas of the public sector. In Australia, there are thousands of available social worker jobs at the moment! Because of this, social work is a great career option for obtaining permanent residency in Australia!

These professionals offer their services in schools, mental health facilities, addiction facilities, senior homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, and many more. To work as a social worker in Australia, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Nursing, or any other related field.  You would be working with people going through critical situations, therefore you need great  mental resilience, as well as high levels of awareness and compassion and efficient problem-solving skills.

The yearly average range for social worker jobs in Australia is 85,000-100,000 AUD (=54,816-64,490 USD), usually depending  on experience and qualifications.

General requirements for social worker jobs in Australia:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, or any other related field
  • English language proficiency
  • Experience working with clients facing physical and/or mental conditions/ clients who have suffered different kinds of abuse
  • Extensive awareness and understanding of their conditions and the type of care and approach they need
  • Good computer skills
  • Great ability to work and coordinate actions with a team
  • Driver’s license may be required

General responsibilities:

  • Assist clients on the phone and in person
  • Assess their situations and needs
  • Get in contact with their support network to act according to their goal
  • Treat patients with limitless compassion and understanding, while focusing on stabilizing them
  • Provide crisis intervention and develop plans for crisis prevention
  • Help develop a treatment plan and keep accurate records of their state to determine or adjust for progress
  • Offer supportive counseling by encouraging patients and exploring different options for treatment

How to apply on VideoWorkers for social worker jobs in Australia:

Firstly, set your account to the relevant job title and location! Then, follow our tutorial teaching you how to make a professional short video to show employers. This way, you would be directly showcasing your passion, motivation, as well as some of your skills and boost your hiring chances!

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