Thousand of available call center jobs in the USA! If you’re interested, simply show your excellent English communication skills, as well as your helpful and positive attitude on VideoWorkers, and connect to employers!

A call center representative helps clients access the company’s services at full capacity. That means you would help customers with their questions, issues, and complaints. Moreover, you would need to use basic sales skills when relevant. In this way, you would present the benefits of updated products such as subscriptions, and explain why it would be a good choice for the customer.

Besides your positive attitude, soft skills such as patience and conflict resolution skills are very relevant for this type of job.

On average, call center jobs in the USA offer around 37,673 USD/ year. The offer usually depends on the standards of the company as well as the job location.

General requirements:

  • High school diploma minimum
  • English proficiency and excellent communication skills as well as efficient sales communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills and ability to adapt to different personalities
  • Previous experience in customer support
  • Positive attitude, helpful, patient and respectful
  • Good at conflict resolution and de-escalation
  • Great ability to multitask and prioritize
  • General responsibilities:

General responsibilities for call center jobs in the USA:

  • Manage incoming calls and respond to client’s questions and complaints efficiently
  • Follow communication scripts efficiently, depending on the topic
  • Identify issues, ask for clarifications, research as provide resolve
  • Promote other products if the opportunity arises
  • Create a positive customer experience through a positive and helpful attitude
  • Keep records of all conversations and inform the customer about the call being recorded
  • Meet the team or personal target

How to apply on VideoWorkers:

Simply create your account and set it for the job title(s) and location(s) you prefer.

Then, complete the CV template with your experience, skills, and education.

Lastly, follow our step-by-step tutorial and create your short video accordingly! In the video, you should show employers your skills and motivation.

Start applying for call center jobs in the USA today!

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