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As a forklift operator, you would work in warehouses or industrial sites to (un)load, stack, organize as well as track shipments. For this position, you would need strong motivation as well as good physical shape to sometimes move lighter loads manually.

The average salary for forklift operator jobs in Canada is around 20 CAD/hour (=14.76 USD). The salary usually depends on your experience as well as the work location.

General requirements:

  • High school diploma preferable
  • Forklift operator license
  • Previous work experience as a forklift operator
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Good physical shape to move lighter weights manually
  • Motivation and desire to learn more

General responsibilities for forklift operator jobs in Canada:

  • Load and unload trailers
  • Lift and move heavy loads using the forklift, the pallet jack
  • Stack, store, and organize freight according to specifications
  • Work according to health and safety regulations
  • Scan items and track shipments
  • Complete other tasks as assigned

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