Did you know there are thousands of opportunities for plumber jobs in Australia?

As most Australian tradesmen are closer to the retirement age, the country is in big demand for skilled workers to fill these positions. According to Australian public data, this work sector is facing a shortage of over 40%! This means that over 1,200 of plumber jobs are available in Australia!

Plumber jobs in Australia offer a salary of 40.76 AUD/hour (26.82 USD) on average, but it can fluctuate according to the work location and your skills. Experience is also a determining factor.

So, sign up for plumbing jobs in Australia and connect to great offer all over the country!

General requirements for plumber jobs in Australia:

  • Relevant plumbing certificate
  • Valid plumbing license
  • Experience as a plumber
  • Ability to read technical blueprints and instructions
  • Basic mathematics
  • Excellent ability to use plumbing tools, understand plumbing issues and employ the appropriate repairing methods and materials
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well in a team or alone
  • Good problem-solving skills and troubleshooting skills
  • Extensive knowledge of building codes and regulations for plumbing

General responsibilities:

  • Read, interpret and follow blueprints.¬† Checking building codes is also very important
  • Install and maintain water systems and gas lines in public or private spaces using the appropriate specialized tools
  • Inspect water supplies, diagnose issues, employ the appropriate methods for repair
  • Use troubleshooting to properly solve the issue
  • Document activity, keep track of supply, record services
  • Interact and collaborate with other professionals
  • Comply with building codes and regulations as well as health and safety laws and regulations
  • Other tasks may be assigned according to the nature of the job

Take the opportunity to apply for one of the tradesmen jobs available in Australia!

Simply create your VideoWorkers account and fill in the CV template, then upload a video of your plumbing skills and motivation.

Before making the video, we recommend you to consult our step-by-step guide on how to make a good video! This way, you boost your hiring chances!

Sign up for plumber jobs in Australia!

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