New openings for firefighter jobs in Canada! As first responders, firefighters need to be exceptional at solving emergencies efficiently. In this position, of course, you would extinguish fires according to the severity of the incident, but you would also provide first aid when necessary.

For firefighter jobs in Canada, you need the appropriate education such as: certification in fire technology (or other fire related fields) and first aid certification. The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) will confirm if your qualifications are equivalent to Canadian standards.

Firefighter jobs in Canada have some of the biggest salary rates in this branch! The average pay for this position is between 75,000 and 105,000 CAD/year (between 55,427.25 and 77,598.15 USD/year), depending on your education and skills.

Moreover, there are many different types and levels for firefighting positions, such as airport firefighter, industrial firefighter, as well as fire captain, inspector, etc. So there are many opportunities on the horizon! Read below, then easily apply on VideoWorkers!

General requirements:

  • High school diploma or other relevant qualifications (Bachelor’s degree in fire science is a bonus)
  • First aid certification
  • Passed firefighter exam
  • Excellent knowledge of CPR techniques and first aid
  • Firefighter experience
  • Excellent physical fitness, ability, stamina, agility
  • Exceptionally efficient as a problem solver
  • Excellent mental resilience
  • Able to work flexible schedules, including nightshifts, weekends, and national holidays
  • Compassionate, dedicated, extremely reliable
  • Driving’s license
  • Willingness to follow legal rules and guidelines and firefighting standards at all times

General responsibility:

  • Promptly respond to fire emergencies and extinguish fires in the forest or buildings
  • Operate firefighting equipment such as aerial ladders, fire hoses etc.,
  • Inspect scenes of fire or accidents to identify causes or significant findings
  • Clean up fire scenes, remove burned items
  • Provide emergency services according to medical standards
  • May have to coordinate with ambulances and the police
  • Respond to other emergencies and assist victims
  • Remove people from fires when necessary
  • Write accurate reports about the incidents and victims, and any administered procedure if applicable
  • Participate in fire drills and assist educational programs in public institutions
  • Clean and maintain vehicles and equipment

Apply to firefighter jobs in Canada on VideoWorkers in simple steps:

Set your account to your preferred jobs title(s) and location(s). Then, complete your CV with your education, experience, and skills.

Create a video to show employers your skills by following our step-by-step guide. It will help you structure your presentation and boost your hiring chances!

Start applying today!

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