Optical technician jobs in Dubai are available to skilled workers looking for vacancies abroad! If you can execute high-quality spectacles, then read below and get connected on VideoWorkers!

As an optical technician, you would use a specialized machine to create lenses according to specifications and the frame. Of course, you would also do finishing work, applying glazes, tints, or polishes. Moreover, you would make sure to maintain equipment and machines.

The average salary for optical technician jobs in Dubai is 64 AED/hour (=17.42 USD), depending on your skills and experience.


  • Completed high school diploma or equivalent
  • Certification/associate’s degree
  • Training may be provided
  • Experience in a similar role
  • Basic to advanced mathematical skills, basic understanding of the physics of optometry
  • Able to interpret general health guidelines and technical procedures
  • Good communication as well as interpersonal skills
  • Great time management and organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • Responsibly and accurately work with specialized machinery for different results

Responsibilities at optical technician jobs in Dubai:

  • Consult order specifications
  • Work with newly produced lenses, using machinery for grinding, cutting, and polishing lenses
  • Shape/mould glass/plastic for various types of lenses
  • Create simple and complex lenses by hand or using machines
  • Use lathe machines or other tools to grind, smooth, and polish the lenses
  • Assemble and test the new product
  • Execute your orders according to deadlines
  • Clean and maintain equipment
  • Order stock and keep inventory
  • Collaborate with opticians to ship the order

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