There are over 10,000 open carpenter jobs in Canada! If you’re a skilled worker looking to relocate, read below and start your application on Videoworkers!

Carpenters are hired by construction companies or contractors to build, install, adjust, repair structures made of wood and other materials. Depending on the nature of the job, carpenters may have to perform other construction tasks such as building walls and roofing.

On average, entry level carpenter jobs in Canada offer around 42,900 CAD/year (=32,098.64 USD), while experienced workers can earn up to 64,340/year (=48,142.40 USD).

If you have:

  • High school/vocational diploma (preferred)
  • Licensing/certification/apprenticeship
  • Prior experience as a carpenter
  • Good communication skills to coordinate with your teammates
  • Good basic mathematical knowledge
  • Good coordination and dexterity
  • Physical shape to climb, lift, push, carry
  • Ability to stand for long hours
  • Good time management skills
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule
  • Strong sense of responsibility and willingness to comply to safety rules and regulations

… Then start your application for carpenter jobs in Canada!


  • Interpret blueprints
  • Assist with structural design, planning, layout and installation
  • Assess the quality of materials
  • Install and repair wooden structures such as cabinets, doors etc. as required
  • Operate with the appropriate tools and machines
  • Provide customer service if applicable
  • Be aware of potential hazards when working
  • Coordinate with colleagues or other construction workers
  • Provide time estimates
  • Comply with health and safety regulations
  • Ensure a clean environment at the end of your workday
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the work location

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