Motivated and skilled workers are welcome to apply for the numerous farm jobs in Australia! Grow healthy crops, look after farm animals, and manage farm processes!

The average salary for a livestock farmer in Australia is around 18 AUD/hour. Because of the nature of the job, it it most likely that housing will be offered on the farm premises. Also, other benefits may be included!

So if you are capable of caring for both a healthy harvest and healthy animals, consider signing up for farm jobs in Australia!

General requirements:

  • High school/vocational diploma is preferred but usually not mandatory
  • Basic reading and writing skills
  • Expert knowledge of animal nutrition and their lifestyles
  • Farm training (required or provided, depending on the offer)
  • Ability to utilize specialized tools and equipment
  • (Specialized) driving’s license may be required to drive tractors and other farm vehicles
  • Excellent ability to manage animals
  • Excellent knowledge of harvesting
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Physically apt to move, carry, bend, walk for the entirety of your work
  • Able to work in all kinds of environments and weather
  • Practical, reliable. and hard-working
  • Strong sense of responsibility and great attention to detail
  • Willing to work according to ethical principles in regards to animal

Besides these general requirements, farm jobs in Australia require more precaution to predatorial animals. Therefore, you also need to be willing to learn about the surrounding environment.

General responsibilities:

  • Herd or move livestock to different locations according to schedules (pastures for grazing, scales, or enclosures)
  • Weigh and provide food and water, additives and medicine as prescribed
  • Clean all areas where the animals live (barns, sheds, yards etc.)
  • Groom and castrate animals, collect animal hair
  • Care for animals, treat minor ailments and consult with a veterinarian accordingly
  • Milk bovines, collect eggs and honey etc.,
  • Breed animals within appropriate timeframes, help with animal births
  • Keep track of every procedure, from daily feeding to breeding and giving birth
  • Pick up, plant, cultivate, irrigate, and harvest crops
  • Work according to plans, schedules, and specifications in relation to the plants (proper watering time etc.)
  • Inspect the harvest and eliminate the unhealthy-looking pieces
  • Drive tractors and other farming equipment
  • Maintain and clean equipment and locations

How to create your application: sign up on VideoWorkers, fill in the CV template, and upload a video of your skills to show employers. But first, check out our guide on how to make a good video to see if you ticked all the points!

Follow the new opportunities and sign up for farm jobs in Australia!

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